Northwest Pipeline Corporation

First Revised Volume No. 1-A

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Effective Date: 01/17/1992, Docket: RP92- 27-001, Status: Effective

Substitute First Revised Sheet No. 441 Substitute First Revised Sheet No. 441 : Effective

Superseding: Original Sheet No. 441




Note: Whether or not the "on behalf of" party listed above is the Shipper submitting

this request, attach an original letter signed by an official of such "on behalf

of"party on its letterhead. This letter must warrant that such "on behalf of" party

is either an intrastate pipeline as defined by Section 2(16) of the NGPA or a local

distribution company as defined by Section 2(17) of the NGPA. It must also state that

such "on behalf of" party has authorized the Shipper to enter into the requested

transportation agreement in order to have Section 311(a) transportation service

rendered on behalf of such "on behalf of" party by Northwest Pipeline Corporation and

that "(1) the intrastate pipeline or local distribution company will have physical

custody of and transport the natural gas at some point; or (2) the intrastate pipeline

or local distribution company will hold title to the natural gas at some point, which

may occur prior to, during, or after the time that the gas is being transported by the

interstate pipeline, for a purpose related to its status and functions as an intrastate

pipeline or its status and functions as a local distribution company; or (3) the gas

will be delivered at some point to a customer that either is located in a local

distribution company's service area or is physically able to receive direct deliveries

of gas from an intrastate pipeline, and that the local distribution company or

intrastate pipeline certifies that it is on its behalf that the interstate pipeline is

providing transportation service.


Service Information


7. (a) Type of Service (Check One): _____ TI-1 Interruptible (Go to Item 8)

_____ TF-1 Firm (Complete Item 7(b)


(b) If Firm service is requested it represents (Check One):

____ Firm Service (Service unrelated to CD conversions available to firm sales

customers of Northwest Pipeline Corporation.)

____ CD Conversion by a firm sales customer of Northwest Pipeline Corporation.


8. This request is for (Check One): _____ New Service

_____ Amendment of Existing Service


If Amendment of Existing Service is checked, complete the following:


Agreement No. ________________

Agreement Date _______________

Increase MDQ from _________ MMBtu/day to __________ MMBtu/day

Decrease MDQ from _________ MMBtu/day to __________ MMBtu/day

Receipt Point Addition/Deletion Yes ____ No____

Delivery Point Addition/Deletion Yes ____ No____

Other (Specify) _________________________________________________


9. Requested Term of Service: Commencement Date (____/____/____)

Termination Date (____/____/____)

(these must be dates)


Evergreen Provision Requested _______ Yes

_______ No


10. Requested Maximum Daily Quantity ("MDQ") (For firm service this will be the summation

of the individual Receipt Point to Delivery Point MDQ's. Complete Exhibit "C" for

firm service.)

___________ MMBtu/day


Estimated Maximum Annual Quantity: ________________________ MMBtu's


Requested Maximum Quantity over life of agreement: _____________ MMBtu's