Northwest Pipeline Corporation

First Revised Volume No. 1-A

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Effective Date: 05/02/1992, Docket: RP91-150-003, Status: Effective

Second Revised Sheet No. 416 Second Revised Sheet No. 416 : Effective

Superseding: Substitute First Revised Sheet No. 416




(3) For agreements executed on or after June 10, 1988, Priority

Date shall be the date Shipper requests service pursuant to

Section 12.7.


(b) Maintenance of Priority Date.

(1) In order to maintain the Priority Date pursuant to this

Section 12 for the transportation requested, Shipper must

execute and Transporter must receive such executed trans-

portation agreement within 30 days of the date of Shipper's

receipt of the transportation agreement from Transporter.

The name of the buyer and seller of the gas to be trans-

ported shall be provided to Transporter at the time such

Transportation Agreement is executed. However, the iden-

tity of end users served by intrastate or interstate pipe-

lines or from LDC system supply need not be revealed. If

Transporter has not received an executed transportation

agreement within 30 days of receipt of the agreement by

Shipper, then the Priority Date under such agreement shall

be the date of receipt by Transporter of such executed


(2) Furthermore, to maintain this Priority Date for receipt

points under interruptible transportation agreements,

Shipper also must tender gas within 15 days after the later

of (1) the date service is to commence under the contract,

or (2) the date Transporter notifies Shipper of the execu-

tion date of the transportation agreement, or (3) the date

that facilities necessary to be constructed for service

under the Transportation Agreement are ready for service,

or (4) the receipt of regulatory approvals, if any such

approvals are required to commence service under FERC regu-

lations. If Shipper has not tendered gas at each receipt

point specified under an interruptible transportation

agreement within the specified 15-day period, then the day

Shipper first tenders gas at any receipt point shall become

the Priority Date for such receipt point under such


(3) The day Shipper first tenders gas at any delivery point(s)

under an interruptible transportation agreement shall

become the Priority Date for such delivery point(s).


12.4 Curtailment Procedures. If Transporter determines on any day that

for any reason whatsoever, including reasons of force majeure, the capa-

city of or demand on its system or any portion thereof is insufficient to

satisfy the requirements for sales or transportation service as defined

above and set forth in executed service agreements or contracts,