Northwest Pipeline Corporation

First Revised Volume No. 1-A

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Effective Date: 06/02/1991, Docket: RP91-150-000, Status: Effective

First Revised Sheet No. 409 First Revised Sheet No. 409 : Effective

Superseding: Original Sheet No. 409






4.8 Adjustment of Inaccuracies. (Continued)

equipment found inaccurate shall be immediately restored by the

operating party as closely as possible to a condition of accuracy. If

the measurement equipment is out of service or out of repair for any

reason so that the amount of gas delivered cannot be estimated or

computed from the reading thereof, the amount of gas delivered through

the period such meter is out of service or out of repair shall be

estimated and agreed upon by the Transporter and Receiving Party upon

the basis of the best data available using the first of the following

methods which is feasible:

(a) by using the registration of the other party's check meter if

installed and accurately registering; or

(b) by correcting the error if the percentage of error is

ascertainable by calibration, test or mathematical calculation; or

(c) by estimating the quantity of deliveries by comparison with

deliveries during preceding periods under similar conditions when

the meter was registering accurately.


4.9 Correction of Volume Calculation Error. If, upon inspection and

verification, any volume calculation error shall result in a daily

volume inaccuracy exceeding two (2) percent, then the inaccuracy shall

be corrected to zero error. Such errors shall be adjusted within

thirty (30) days following verification by seller and buyer, however,

in no event shall inaccuracies less than two (2) percent daily or 100

MMBtus monthly be corrected. No correction shall extend back more than

one year from the date such error was identified.


4.10 Records Preservation. Each party shall preserve all test and

measurement data, charts or similar records for a period of at least

one (1) year or such other periods as shall be required under Part 225

of the Commission's regulations or the lawful requirements of any other

governmental body, Federal or State, prescribing longer retention

periods for any category of record.




5.1 Statement by Shipper. Shipper shall report or cause to be

reported to Transporter the daily volumes and gross heating value of

gas delivered pursuant to the Transportation Agreement by telephone or

telecopy to Transporter's Gas Measurement Department by the fifth (5th)

business day of the calendar month following the month of delivery of

such volumes. Shipper shall furnish Transporter's Gas Measurement

Department with a written statement that confirms such reported volumes

by the tenth (10th) business day of the calendar month following the

month of delivery.