Northwest Pipeline Corporation

First Revised Volume No. 1-A

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Effective Date: 11/25/1990, Docket: GT91- 5-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 405 Original Sheet No. 405 : Effective





3. QUALITY (Continued)


3.1 Gas Quality at Receipt Points (Continued).


(f) Oxygen: The gas shall not contain in excess of two-tenths of

one percent by volume of oxygen, and the parties agree to exercise

every reasonable effort to keep the gas completely free of oxygen.


(g) Temperature: The temperature of the gas at the point of

delivery shall not exceed one hundred twenty degrees Fahrenheit.


(h) Water: The gas delivered shall be free from liquid water and

shall not contain more than seven pounds of water in vapor phase

per million cubic feet.


(i) Mercury: The gas shall be free from any detectable mercury.


3.2 Gas Quality at Delivery Point(s). The gas delivered by Transporter

to Shipper at the Delivery Point shall be natural gas containing a gross

heating value of at least 985 Btu's. Such gas shall be commercially free

of dust, gums, dirt, impurities and other solid matter and shall not

contain more than one-quarter grain hydrogen sulfide per one hundred

cubic feet as determined by using commercially available on-line analyses

and/or such analytical methods that are generally accepted in industry

practice provided that Transporter may install and utilize a recording

hydrogen sulfide analyzer to monitor the gas at points at which it deems

such continuous monitoring to be desirable. The gas to be delivered

shall not contain more than twenty grains of total sulfur per one hundred

cubic feet.


The gas shall be free of water and hydrocarbons in liquid form at

the temperature and pressure at which the gas is delivered and in no

event shall have a water content in excess of seven pounds per one

million cubic feet.


3.3 Determination of Gross Heating Value and Component Analysis. The

party operating the measurement equipment shall determine the gross

heating value of the gas delivered and its component analysis at

reasonable intervals. Such determination shall be made using either an

on-line chromatograph or by chromatographic analysis of a representative

sample of gas taken with a continuous sampler. Transporter may at its

option allow the use of spot samples. If at any time and for any reason

Shipper or Transporter should question the results of any spot sampling,

a redetermination shall be made and the redetermination mutually

acceptable to the parties shall be used; provided, however, if neither