East Tennessee Natural Gas Company

Second Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 11/01/1996, Docket: RP97- 13-000, Status: Effective

First Revised Sheet No. 155 First Revised Sheet No. 155 : Superseded

Superseding: Original Sheet No. 155





Conditions based upon the rates, charges, and surcharges incorporated

in the Released Storage Service Agreement. If the Replacement Shipper

fails to pay all or any portion of any bill by the due date specified

on the bill, Transporter shall send an invoice to the Releasing Shipper

for all unpaid amounts up to the amount of the Releasing Shipper's

reservation charge, which the Releasing Shipper shall pay to

Transporter with interest on the unpaid amount, which interest shall

be calculated from the date that Transporter credited the Releasing

Shipper for the applicable demand charges. Releasing Shipper shall

submit the payment within ten days of receipt of Transporter's invoice.



Releasing Shipper shall be responsible for obtaining reimbursement for

any such payment from Replacement Shipper. Failure of either the

Replacement Shipper or Releasing Shipper to pay bills shall entitle

Transporter to exercise the remedies available under the applicable

service agreements and this Tariff, including suspension of service to

the Releasing Shipper and the Replacement Shipper, as well as any other

remedies available to Transporter.


(f) Except in case of permanent assignment, the Replacements Shipper's

service under a Released Storage Service Agreement shall be subject to

and governed by the terms and conditions of the Releasing Shipper's

LNGS Agreement, the LNGS Rate Schedule, and the Released Storage

Service Agreement.


(g) Except in case of permanent assignment, any increase in Transporter's

rates, charges, and surcharges shall remain the responsibility of the

Releasing Shipper; provided, however, that the Releasing Shipper may

provide in its Release Request for the rates, charges or surcharges for

released storage rights to increase in accordance with such increase

in Transporter's rates, charges, and surcharges. Any refunds of any

rates or charges ordered by the FERC shall be paid by Transporter to

the party that paid the amounts that were subject to refund, subject

to Transporter's right to seek relief from such refunds at the FERC or

in the courts.




19.1 A Shipper may delegate, for a term of one or more calendar months starting

on the first day of a month, to as many third parties as it deems necessary

(Shipper's Representatives) responsibility for submitting and receiving

notices, making nominations, or performing other administrative duties under

any agreement under Rate Schedules FT-A, FT-GS, or LNGS, ("Underlying

Agreements") subject to the following conditions: