Panhandle Eastern Pipe Line Company

First Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 01/15/2000, Docket: RP00-137-000, Status: Effective

Third Revised Sheet No. 607 Third Revised Sheet No. 607 : Superseded

Superseding: Sub Second Revised Sheet No. 607









For the services provided or contracted for hereunder, Shipper

agrees to pay Panhandle the then-effective, applicable rates and

charges under Panhandle's Rate Schedule IWS filed with the

Commission, as such rates and charges and Rate Schedule IWS may

hereafter be modified, supplemented, superseded, or replaced

generally or as to the service hereunder. Panhandle reserves the

right from time to time to unilaterally file and to make effective

any such changes in the terms or rate levels under Rate Schedule IWS

and the applicability thereof, the General Terms and Conditions or

any other provisions of Panhandle's Tariff, subject to the applicable

provisions of the Natural Gas Act and the Commission's Regulations



From time to time Panhandle and Shipper may agree in writing,

on a level of discount of the otherwise applicable rates and charges

hereunder, pursuant to the effective applicable provisions of Rate

Schedule IWS and subject to the Regulations and Orders of the

Commission. For example, Panhandle and Shipper may agree that a

specified discounted rate shall apply: (a) only to certain

Quantities under this Agreement; (b) only if specified Quantity

levels are actually achieved or only with respect to Quantities below

a specified level; (c) only during specified time periods; or (d) in

a specified relationship to the Quantities actually stored (i.e.,

that the rates shall be adjusted in a specified relationship to the

actual Stored Quantity); provided, however, that any such discounted

rate set forth above shall be between the Maximum Rate and Minimum

Rate applicable to the service provided under this Agreement. In

addition, the discount agreement may include a provision that if one

rate component which was at or below the applicable Maximum Rate at

the time the discount agreement was executed subsequently exceeds the

applicable Maximum Rate due to a change in Panhandle's Maximum Rates

so that such rate component must be adjusted downward to equal the

new applicable Maximum Rate, then other rate components may be

adjusted upward to achieve the agreed overall rate, so long as none

of the resulting rate components exceed the Maximum Rate applicable

to that rate component. Such changes to rate components shall be

applied prospectively, commencing with the date a Commission order

accepts revised tariff sheets. However, nothing contained herein

shall be construed to alter a refund obligation under applicable law

for any period during which rates which had been charged under a

discount agreement exceeded rates which ultimately are found to be

just and reasonable. Any discount(s) shall be effective only on a

prospective basis and as specified in the written agreement between

Panhandle and Shipper.