Panhandle Eastern Pipe Line Company

First Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 03/01/1998, Docket: RP98-121-001, Status: Effective

Sub Second Revised Sheet No. 102 Sub Second Revised Sheet No. 102 : Superseded

Superseding: First Revised Sheet No. 102









This Rate Schedule is available for Gas Parking service provided

by Panhandle Eastern Pipe Line Company (hereinafter called Panhandle)

for any party (hereinafter called Shipper):


(a) which has executed a Service Agreement in the form

prescribed under this Tariff for service under this Rate

Schedule; and


(b) which delivers Natural Gas or causes Natural Gas to be

delivered to Panhandle for subsequent delivery by

Panhandle for the account of Shipper.




This Rate Schedule shall apply to Gas made available by Shipper

to Panhandle in connection with firm or interruptible transportation

agreements and nominated for Parking service under this Rate

Schedule, subject to the General Terms and Conditions herein and the

further provisions of the Service Agreement.


The service provided hereunder is an interruptible service and

shall be provided only after all other services offered by Panhandle

are scheduled and to the extent permitted by Panhandle's system.

Providing Parking service shall not impede Panhandle's ability to

meet its firm and interruptible service obligations, including

Panhandle's system requirements and Panhandle's otherwise applicable

firm obligations under a GDS Service Agreement to provide no-notice

service up to the MDCQ of the underlying firm Transportation

Agreements. The service shall consist of: (1) the receipt/delivery

of a Quantity of Gas for Parking for Shipper's account at the points

designated by Shipper, up to the maximum parked quantity as specified

in the Service Agreement; (2) the Parking of such Gas for the account

of Shipper at the Parking point designated by Shipper in the Service

Agreement; and (3) the subsequent redelivery/receipt of such Gas

to/from Shipper.


Panhandle shall receive from Shipper such daily quantities of

Gas as are nominated and scheduled for Parking and park such quantity

for a minimum of one (1) day. Gas may be parked for a period of up

to thirty one (31) days and such period may be extended by Panhandle

as permitted by system operating conditions.


Shipper's account may hold a negative parked quantity, which

shall mean the Quantity of Gas that Shipper has received from parking

in excess of the sum of the parked quantity at any point in time.

Nominations to receive such excess Quantity of Gas shall be confirmed

at Panhandle's reasonable discretion.