Panhandle Eastern Pipe Line Company

First Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 10/06/1994, Docket: RP94-393-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 25A Original Sheet No. 25A : Superseded





Summary of Docket No. RP87-103-000

Settlement Direct Bill Amounts

Pursuant to Section 18.15




Rate Contract Bill

Buyer/Shipper Schedule No. Amount

(1) (2) (3)


Roodhouse, City of SG-2 $ 217

Rossville, Village of SG-2 163

Shelbina, City of SG-2 132

Stonington, Village of SG-2 136

United Cities Gas Co. - Town SG-2 740

United Cities Gas Co. - Rural SG-2 180

Waverly, City of SG-2 154

Westville, Village of SG-2 393

White Hall, City of SG-2 260

Winchester, City of SG-2 212

Gruver, City of SG-3 11

Hardesty, Town of SG-3 25

Hazelton, City of SG-3 12

Lacygne, Village of SG-3 104

Louisburg, City of SG-3 148

The Miami Pipeline Company SG-3 7

Morse Utility Company SG-3 1

Seiling Public Works Authority SG-3 67

Stinnett, City of SG-3 2

Sunray, City of SG-3 3

Taloga, Town of SG-3 26

Vici Public Works Authority SG-3 66

East Ohio Gas Company LS-1 15,398

Michigan Gas Storage Co. LS-1 2,185

Columbia Gas Transmission Corporation LS-1 21,390

Northern Illinois Gas Company LS-2 158

Michigan Consolidated Gas Company SS-1 15,774

Michigan Gas Storage Company (CD) CS-1 7,855

Michigan Gas Storage Company (ACV) CS-1 26,937

Ohio Gas Company T-26 2,275

United Cities Gas Company T-39 102

Yankee International Co. LT-5 -

Columbia Gas of Ohio LT-14 23

Central Illinois Public Service Company T-14 -

Mid-Louisiana Gas Co. T-20 47

United Gas Pipe Line Co. T-33 223

Mississippi River Transmission Corporation T-35 4,968

Mississippi River Transmission Corporation T-38 1,865

Columbia Gas Transmission Corporation T-40 110

United Gas Pipe Line Co. T-48 10,212

Southern Natural Gas Co. T-50 138

Transcontinental Gas Pipe Line Corporation T-51 241

Kansas Power & Light Co. d/b/a Western Resources, Inc. T-53 -

National Distillers LT-8 -

United Gas Pipe Line Co. TE-8 101

Diamond Shamrock Corp. T-27 15

KN Energy, Inc. T-41 3

Seward County Gas Co. T-52 21

Kansas Power & Light Co. d/b/a Western Resources, Inc. T-53 -