Panhandle Eastern Pipe Line Company

First Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 10/06/1994, Docket: RP94-393-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 25 Original Sheet No. 25 : Superseded





Summary of Docket No. RP87-103-000

Settlement Direct Bill Amounts

Pursuant to Section 18.15




Rate Contract Bill

Buyer/Shipper Schedule No. Amount

(1) (2) (3)


Battle Creek Gas Company G-1 $ 7,055

Citizens Gas Fuel Company G-1 3,251

Citizens Gas & Coke Company G-1 33,439

Indiana Gas Company G-1 51,928

Kokomo Gas & Fuel Company G-1 9,077

Michigan Gas Utilities G-1 2,215

Northern Indiana Fuel & Light Company, Inc. G-1 3,598

Northern Indiana Public Service Company G-1 21,254

Ohio Valley Gas Corporation G-1 1,450

Ohio Gas Company G-1 7,664

Richmond Gas Corporation d/b/a Indiana Gas Company G-1 4,511

Southeastern Michigan Gas Company G-1 9,384

Central Illinois Light Company G-2 27,883

Central Illinois Public Service Company G-2 20,764

Kansas Power & Light Co. d/b/a Western Resources, Inc. G-2 3,145

Great River Gas Co. d/b/a United Cities Gas Company G-2 2,705

Illinois Power Company G-2 24,247

Missouri Public Service Company G-2 3,231

Union Electric Company G-2 17,649

Kansas Power & Light Co. d/b/a Western Resources, Inc. G-3 1,545

Bainbridge, Town of SG-1 57

Columbia Gas Transmission Corporation SG-1 64

Dayton Power & Light Company SG-1 204

Lapel, Town of SG-1 187

Montezuma, Town of SG-1 176

Pittsboro, Town of SG-1 103

Roachdale, Town of SG-1 135

Westfield Gas Corporation SG-1 221

Associated Natural Gas Company SG-2 820

Auburn, City of SG-2 336

Bowling Green Gas Company SG-2 278

Bushnell, City of SG-2 494

Clarence, City of SG-2 81

Divernon, City of SG-2 116

Edinburg, Village of SG-2 114

Franklin, Village of SG-2 67

Fulton, City of SG-2 729

Hermann, City of SG-2 454

Macon, City of SG-2 483

Madison, City of SG-2 50

Monroe, City of SG-2 232

Montgomery, City of SG-2 151

Morton, City of SG-2 962

Paris, City of SG-2 144

Pawnee, Village of SG-2 219

Perry, City of SG-2 58

Pittsfield, City of SG-2 547

Pleasant Hill, Village of SG-2 96

Riverton, Village of SG-2 243