Caledonia Gas And Storage

First Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 09/30/2010, Docket: RP10-1032-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 97 Original Sheet No. 97


(e) shall have a temperature of not more than one hundred twenty

degrees (120 degrees) Fahrenheit;

(f) shall contain no more than two-tenths (0.2) gallons of neopentane

or heavier liquefiable hydrocarbons per Mcf;

(g) shall contain no carbon monoxide, halogens, or unsaturated

hydrocarbons, and no more than four hundred parts per million (400 ppm)

by volume of hydrogen;

(h) shall be free of hydrocarbons in liquid form at the temperature

and pressure at which the Gas is Delivered; and

(i) shall have been dehydrated by Customer for removal of entrained

water present therein in a vapor state, and in no event contain more

than seven (7) pounds of entrained water per million cubic feet, at a

pressure base of fourteen and seventy three hundredths (14.73) pounds

per square inch and a temperature of sixty degrees (60 degrees)

Fahrenheit as determined by dew-point apparatus approved by the United

States Department of the Interior or such other apparatus as may be

mutually agreed upon.

10.3 Rejection of Gas. Either party shall be entitled to reject any Gas

tendered to it by the other party which does not meet the minimum

specifications of Section 10.2 above. Acceptance of such Gas does not

constitute any waiver of Caledonia’s right to refuse to accept

similarly nonconforming Gas. If Caledonia agrees to accept Non-Spec Gas

(defined below) under a Service Agreement, Customer shall be allowed to

Deliver Non-Spec Gas under that Service Agreement, but no other, and

Caledonia will have the continuing right to require Customer to bring

its prospective Deliveries under that Service Agreement into compliance

with the Required Specifications within a specified period of time, as

determined in Caledonia’s sole discretion. Upon Delivery of Non-Spec

Gas that Caledonia has not expressly allowed or which Customer does not

bring into compliance in the time period specified by Caledonia, the

Receipt of such Non-Spec Gas may be terminated immediately and

notification of such termination may occur after the fact. Failure by

either Caledonia or Customer to tender Gas Deliveries that conform to

the Required Specifications shall not be construed to eliminate, or

limit in any manner, Caledonia’s or Customer’s rights and obligations

existing under any other provision of any Service Agreement.