Caledonia Gas And Storage

First Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 09/30/2010, Docket: RP10-1032-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 52 Original Sheet No. 52


Customer and that has assets of at least $10 billion and credit

ratings of at least A– by S&P and at least A3 by Moody’s.

2.60 “Receipt” means the physical receipt, or its equivalent, of Gas

by Caledonia at a Point of Receipt from or for the account of Customer.

Unless otherwise specified in an executed Service Agreement, Gas shall

be Received at a uniform flow rate equal to 1/24th of the scheduled


2.61 “Reference Market-maker” means a third-party gas storage service

provider or leading dealer in the natural gas futures and/or forward

contract market which is ready, willing and able to enter into a

service transaction with terms substantially the same as the terminated

transaction (i.e., with regard to injection rate, withdrawal rate,

maximum inventory, demand and commodity charges, length of term of

service, and the service beginning and ending dates) and which is

selected in good faith by the Non-Defaulting Party from among storage

service providers and/or dealers of the highest credit standing which

satisfies all the criteria that the Non-Defaulting Party applies

generally when deciding whether to make an extension of credit.

2.62 “Releasing Customer” means a Customer who has agreed to release

some or all of its rights under its Firm Storage Service Agreement

pursuant to Section 5, hereunder.

2.63 “Replacement Customer” means a Customer who has assumed any

released rights to capacity of a Releasing Customer pursuant to Section

5, hereunder.

2.64 “Service(s)” means the injection, storage, withdrawal, parking or

loaning of Gas, and any ancillary services to be performed by

Caledonia for Customer pursuant to a Service Agreement.

2.65 “Service Agreement” means a Firm Storage Service Agreement, an

Advanced Interruptible Storage Service Agreement, Interruptible Storage

Service Agreement, Interruptible Parking Service Agreement, Advanced

Interruptible Loan Service Agreement (including all Appendices), the

Interruptible Loan Service Agreement (including all Appendices), or a

Capacity Release Umbrella Agreement entered into under this GasTariff.

2.66 “S&P” means Standard & Poor’s Rating Group (a division of of

McGraw-Hill, Inc.) and any successor entity.

2.67 “Storage Facility” means the storage facilities, flow lines,

lateral, measurement, compression, and related facilities owned,

leased, or operated by or for Caledonia in Lowndes and Monroe Counties,

Mississippi, for the storing of goods for hire.

2.68 “Storage Inventory” means the quantity of Working Gas, expressed

in Dth, that a Customer has in place in Caledonia’s storage facilities

for Customer’s account, provided that the Storage