Caledonia Gas And Storage

First Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 09/30/2010, Docket: RP10-1032-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 48 Original Sheet No. 48


described, then Caledonia shall provide notice (“Substitute Reference

Price Notice”) thereof to Customer, in which event the Parties shall

attempt to agree upon a Substitute Reference Price (“Substitute

Reference Price”). The Substitute Reference Price shall then become

the “Daily Reference Price”.

2.20 “Dekatherm” or “Dth” means the quantity of heat energy which is

equivalent to 1,000,000 Btu. One “Dekatherm” of Gas means the quantity

of Gas which contains one Dekatherm of heat energy.

2.21 “Deliver” or “Delivery” means the physical Delivery, or its

equivalent, of Gas by Caledonia at a Point of Injection/Withdrawal to

or for the account of Customer. Unless otherwise specified in an

executed Service Agreement, Gas shall be Delivered at a uniform flow

rate equal to 1/24th of the scheduled quantity.

2.22 “Elapsed Pro-rata Capacity” means that portion of the capacity

that would have theoretically been available for use prior to the

effective time of the intraday recall based upon a cumulative uniform

hourly use of the capacity.

2.23 “Elapsed Pro-rated Scheduled Quantity” means that portion of the

scheduled quantity that would have theoretically flowed up to the

effective time of the Intraday Nomination being confirmed, based upon a

cumulative uniform hourly quantity for each nomination period affected.

2.24 “Event of Default” means the occurrence at any time with respect

to a Party of any of the events detailed in Section 23.2, below.

2.25 “FERC” means the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission or any

successor agency.

2.26 “Financial Assurances” is defined as either (a) cash which shall,

at the Party (“Posting Party”)being requested to provide Financial

Assurances option (i) be delivered to a Custodian to be held pursuant

to a cash escrow agreement, at Posting Party’s sole cost and expense or

(ii) held on deposit with requesting Party; (b) a standby irrevocable

letter of credit issued by a Qualified Institution; (c) a guarantee by

a Credit Support Provider that satisfies the credit requirements of

Caledonia and in a form acceptable to Caledonia in its sole discretion;

(d) grant of a first priority security interest in collateral

satisfactory to Caledonia; or (e) another form of assurance

satisfactory to Caledonia in its reasonable discretion.

2.27 “Firm” means the storage service provided under Rate Schedule FSS

pursuant to which Customer’s storage injection or storage withdrawal

nominations shall be the first scheduled and the last subject to