Caledonia Gas And Storage

Original Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 12/05/2007, Docket: RP08- 57-000, Status: Effective

First Revised Sheet No. 27 First Revised Sheet No. 27 : Effective

Superseding: Superseding Original Sheet No. 27

1.31 "Point(s) of Delivery" means the point(s) where Caledonia shall

provide, to Customer, Gas withdrawn from the Facility, as specified in

Appendix A to the Service Agreement.


1.32 "Potential Replacement Customer" means any individual or entity that

desires to assume any released rights to capacity of Releasing



1.33 "Potential Customer" means any individual or entity that desires to

execute a Service Agreement with Caledonia.


1.34 "Receipt" means the physical receipt, or its equivalent, of Gas by

Caledonia at a Point of Receipt from or for the account of Customer. Unless

otherwise specified in an executed Service Agreement, Gas shall be Received at

a uniform flow rate equal to 1/24th of the scheduled



1.35 "Releasing Customer" means a Customer that has agreed to release some

or all of its rights under its Firm Storage Service



1.36 "Replacement Customer" means a Customer who has assumed released

rights to capacity of a Releasing Customer.


1.37 "Service(s)" means the injection, storage, withdrawal or loaning of

Gas, and any ancillary services to be performed by Caledonia for Customer

pursuant to a Service Agreement.


1.38 "Service Agreement" means the Firm Storage Service Agreement, the

Interruptible Storage Service Agreement or the Interruptible Loan Service

Agreement (including all Appendices), as such agreements are amended and

supplemented from time to time.


1.39 "Storage Balance" means the quantity of Working Gas in Dth that a

Customer has in place at Caledonia’s Facility for Customer’s



1.40 "Third Party Transporter" means any upstream or downstream third

party which provides services required to effectuate receipt/delivery of Gas

to/from Caledonia’s Facility.


1.41 "Transporter" means Customer’s transporter designated to deliver Gas

to the Point of Receipt or Customer’s transporter designated to receive Gas

from the Point of Delivery.


1.42 "Working Gas" means all Gas that Customer has in storage.

Additional terms indicated by capitalization and utilized in the General Terms

and Conditions of this FERC Gas Tariff shall have the meaning ascribed to them

where first utilized.



2.1 In General. Caledonia shall operate and make available to Customers

and other third parties, as set forth below, an interactive electronic

communications system (Electronic Bulletin Board (EBB)) on its Internet

Website, as set forth in 18 C.F.R. § 284.12. All Customers taking service

under any of Caledonia’s Rate Schedules shall have the capability to make use

of Caledonia’s EBB as required by this Tariff. The EBB shall be