W T G Hugoton, LP

Original Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 08/01/2007, Docket: CP06- 90-002, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 280 Original Sheet No. 280 : Effective




46.2 Impact on capacity allocation: To the extent the revenue level pursuant

to the nonconforming negotiated rate(s) or rate formula provided for in

Section 46.1 above should exceed the maximum rate for such service stated on

Rate Schedules FT and IT of this Tariff, Shipper paying such nonconforming

rate(s) shall be treated, for capacity-allocation purposes, and for purposes

of evaluating bids pursuant to Section 6 of these General Terms and

Conditions, as if the rate(s) paid had been equal to the maximum rate for such

service stated on Rate Schedules FT and IT of this Tariff. The highest rate

the Shipper must match for the right of first refusal purposes is the maximum

rate set forth in this Tariff. Any Shipper, existing or new, paying the

maximum tariff rate(s) has the same right to capacity as a Shipper willing to

pay a higher negotiated rate(s). If the negotiated rate(s) is higher than the

corresponding maximum recourse rate(s), the negotiated rate(s) cannot be used

as the price cap for release capacity pursuant to Section xx of these General

Terms and Conditions.


46.3 Accounting for costs and revenues: To ensure that recourse Shippers are

not better or worse off due to negotiated rate agreements, WTG Hugoton shall

maintain and provide separately identified and totaled volume, billing

determinant, rate or surcharge component, and revenue accounting information

for its negotiated rate arrangements in any general or limited rate change

filing that it makes. WTG Hugoton shall maintain separate records for all

revenues associated with negotiated rate transactions. Transactions related

to negotiated rate agreements that originated as a pre-existing discounted

service and were subsequently converted will be recorded separately from those

originating as negotiated rate agreements.