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Effective Date: 08/01/2007, Docket: CP06- 90-002, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 277 Original Sheet No. 277 : Effective




44.2 Pooling. Subject to the limitations set forth below, a Shipper

utilizing transportation service under Rate Schedule FT or IT may designate a

pooling point as a Receipt Point under its transportation service agreement.


(a) Pooling is (1) the aggregation of gas from multiple physical

and/or logical points to a single physical or logical point and/or (2) the

dis-aggregation of gas from a single physical or logical point to multiple

physical and/or logical points. Six (6) pooling points have been established

by WTG Hugoton to correspond with each zone of the fuel rate matrix as

provided on Sheet No. 5 of its FERC Gas Tariff. Each Shipper, if so desired,

will be permitted to pool receipt point volumes to the applicable pool

assigned to the respective receipt points within the fuel matrix. Pooling

will be accomplished through the nomination process.


The following pooling points have been established:


1. Finney to Hugoton LP

2. West of Hugoton LP

3. Hugoton to Sublette LP

4. Finney to Hugoton HP

5. West of Hugoton HP

6. Hugoton to Sublette HP


Each pooling point is an individual pooling area with each pooling area

containing one paper pooling point which can serve as a pool for all of the

receipt points located within the pooling area.


(b) Shippers may nominate receipt point volumes applicable to each

pooling point from such receipt points to such pooling point on a daily basis,

but such volumes will not be subject to fuel or transportation charges. All

volumes nominated to a pooling point must also be nominated from the pooling

point to a delivery point, or to another pooling party, on a daily basis.

Imbalances are not permitted within a pooling point, therefore, deliveries

from a pool to a delivery point, or to another pooling party, may not exceed

the volume nominated into the pool. Likewise, nominations from a receipt

point to a pooling point may not exceed the corresponding nomination(s) from

the pooling point to a delivery point, or to another pooling party. It shall

be the responsibility of the Shipper to assure that the total nominations of

gas to be received at the pooling point(s) are in balance with the total

quantities of gas such Shipper causes to be received into WTG Hugoton's

system, adjusted for Fuel. WTG Hugoton will adjust Shipper's nominations, if

necessary, to ensure that Shipper's nominations into and out of each pool are

in balance on a daily basis. Nominations may be made within the pooling point

from one Shipper to another Shipper without incurring fuel or transportation