W T G Hugoton, LP

Original Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 08/01/2007, Docket: CP06- 90-002, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 272 Original Sheet No. 272 : Effective




41.5 If no creditworthy bids are submitted for any portion of the capacity,

an existing Shipper will be entitled to continue its existing service for any

portion of the capacity, for any term desired, provided WTG Hugoton and

Shipper agree to mutually acceptable rates for the service at a level within

the posted maximum and minimum tariff rates for the applicable service or at a

mutually acceptable Negotiated Rate for the applicable service. If WTG Hugoton

and Shipper fail to agree on rates within thirty (30) days of the bid close

date, Shipper's right of first refusal will be deemed to have terminated.




42.1 General. This section of the General Terms and Conditions sets forth

the procedures to reflect changes in WTG Hugoton's Fuel Retention Percentages

(FRP's) applicable to transportation service provided under Rate Schedules FT

and IT.


42.2 Conditions


(a) The FRP's set forth on Sheet No. 5 of WTG Hugoton(s FERC Gas Tariff

may be increased to reflect a net positive change in FRP's and shall be

decreased to reflect a net negative change in FRP's.


(b) WTG Hugoton shall file with the Federal Energy Regulatory

Commission to reflect net changes in FRP's at least 30 days prior to each

August 1 which is the beginning date for the Annual Period.


42.3 Definitions


(a) Annual Period - The annual period beginning each August 1.


(b) Actual Gas Required for Operations (GRO) - Actual gas used in WTG

Hugoton's operations including all gas otherwise used, lost or unaccounted

for. Such actual gas used shall include prior period adjustments, positive or

negative, in accordance with Section 42.7 below. Actual GRO quantities shall

be recorded separately for fuel zone as defined on Sheet No. 5.


(c) Estimated GRO - Actual GRO quantities for the latest twelve month

period for services other than the services provided under Rate Schedules FT

and IT, adjusted, where necessary, for known variations from actual

experience. Estimated GRO will be determined separately for each fuel zone as

defined on Sheet No. 5.