W T G Hugoton, LP

Original Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 08/01/2007, Docket: CP06- 90-002, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 266 Original Sheet No. 266 : Effective




(b) The above capacity release timelines, as set forth in this Section

40, are applicable to all parties; however, it is only applicable if (1) all

information provided by the parties to the transaction is valid and the

acquiring shipper has been determined to be creditworthy before the capacity

release bid is tendered, (2) there are no special terms or conditions of the

release, and (3) one of the above listed best bid evaluation methodologies is

selected. In the event the above conditions are not met, the transaction will

be processed within three (3) business days or as soon as reasonably

practicable, whichever is sooner.


40.7 Posting of Completed Release Transactions


Releases will remain posted for seven (7) days for informational

purposes only, as follows:


(a) All releases at maximum rate(s), Level I permanent releases and

Level II and III prearranged releases: the name of the Releasing Shipper, name

of the Acquiring Shipper, price, quantity and term.


(b) All other releases: the name of the Releasing Shipper, name of the

Acquiring Shipper, the term, price, quantity, primary receipt and delivery

point(s), whether subject to recall, whether the Acquiring Shipper is an

affiliate of WTG Hugoton or the Releasing Shipper, if known, and Releasing

Shipper's best offer standard, if any.


40.8 Re-release. Re-releases will be allowed on the same terms and basis as

the primary release (except as prohibited by the regulations).


40.9 Liability of Releasing Shipper on a Temporary Release. For all

temporary capacity releases, the Releasing Shipper will remain liable for the

demand- related terms and conditions of the contract. Any other outstanding

payments, imbalances or other liabilities accrued by the Acquiring Shipper

will be the responsibility of the Acquiring shipper.


40.10 Rates


(a) Usage Charge. Offers for released capacity must contain the

maximum firm usage charge, regardless of whether primary or alternate firm

receipt and delivery points are utilized, unless WTG Hugoton and the Acquiring

Shipper agree to a discount.