W T G Hugoton, LP

Original Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 08/01/2007, Docket: CP06- 90-002, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 261 Original Sheet No. 261 : Effective




Except as provided below for prearranged releases for one year or more

at maximum rates, releases for more than one calendar month must comply with

the advance posting and bidding requirements.


The releasing Shipper may designate a prearranged release. A Shipper

with a prearranged release for one year or more at maximum rates is exempt

from the advance posting and bidding requirements. However, such Shipper must

provide the terms of the release to WTG Hugoton for informational posting.


Offers to release and bids, including pre-arranged releases, shall be

posted upon receipt. A releasing shipper may request a later posting time for

posting of such offer, and WTG Hugoton will support such request insofar as it

comports with the standard time line in Section 40.4. The acquiring shipper

under a pre-arranged release must initiate confirmation of the release



40.2 Offers to Release


(a) A Shipper desiring to release firm capacity, must post on WTG

Hugoton's website an offer to release capacity on a Term Sheet no more than

twelve (12) months prior to the proposed date of the release unless the

prearranged release is negotiated with a project-financed facility to

facilitate its financing. An open bidding process will take place. The open

bidding will take place for a period of time as specified in Section 40.4.

Offers to release firm capacity and bids for released capacity must be

complete before being posted.


(b) A Term Sheet is valid only if completed in its entirety, as

detailed below. The Term Sheet must include the quantity, term, minimum price,

recall provisions, best offer standards and any other applicable terms. Any

best offer standard designated by the releasing Shipper must be objective,

non-discriminatory and applicable to all potential acquiring Shippers.

Releasing Shippers have the right to allow contingent bids, provided the

provisions for such contingent bid(s) are provided in the Term Sheet. Offers

for released capacity must contain the maximum firm usage charge. Rates

specified by the releasing Shipper must include the reservation fee and all

demand surcharges, as a total number or as stated separately. Releasing

Shipper may specify dollars and cents or percentages of the maximum tariff

rate in the denomination of bids. A Shipper releasing capacity temporarily

must state in the Term Sheet if the acquiring Shipper will be permitted to

amend the primary receipt and/or delivery points. All requested releases will

be validated by WTG Hugoton prior to execution of the agreement. WTG Hugoton

will post capacity wanted notices on the website for prospective Shippers.