W T G Hugoton, LP

Original Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 08/01/2007, Docket: CP06- 90-003, Status: Effective

First Revised Sheet No. 255 First Revised Sheet No. 255 : Effective




37.2 If any gas received by WTG Hugoton shall fail at any time to conform to

the specifications set forth above, WTG Hugoton may refuse to accept delivery

pending correction by the other party. WTG Hugoton may, on a basis that is

not unduly discriminatory, elect to accept gas which fails to meet

specifications. To the extent WTG Hugoton agrees to treat gas on behalf of a

Shipper in order to meet the above referenced gas quality specifications, WTG

Hugoton may, on a basis that is not unduly discriminatory, condition receipt

of the Shipper's gas on the Shipper's agreement to reimburse WTG Hugoton for

any costs incurred by WTG Hugoton associated with such treating activities.

Treating includes the extraction of any impurities or blending of the gas

stream necessary to meet pipeline quality specifications.


37.3 Processing


Upon written notice to WTG Hugoton, a shipper shall have the option to

retain the right to process gas tendered to WTG Hugoton, and to enter into a

separate processing arrangement with a plant operator, provided however:


(a) WTG Hugoton shall have the unconditional right to commingle gas

received from any Shipper or source for transportation under this Tariff with

gas received from other Shippers or sources.


(b) WTG Hugoton's obligation under this Tariff shall be to deliver

thermally equivalent volumes, less Fuel, from the Points of Receipt to the

Points of Delivery under the terms and conditions of the applicable Rate

Schedules of this Tariff. Each party tendering gas to WTG Hugoton shall

recognize that gas delivered by WTG Hugoton has been commingled from various

sources and will not be the same molecules, or contain the identical

constituents, as the gas received by WTG Hugoton.


(c) No party tendering gas to WTG Hugoton shall have the right to any

particular constituent in the gas tendered, including but not limited to,

liquids and liquefiable hydrocarbons while such constituents are entrained in

the gas stream. Under no circumstances shall WTG Hugoton be responsible for

any plant products, liquids revenues, or any other consideration, as the case

may be, attributable to processing of the gas tendered to WTG Hugoton unless

WTG Hugoton is a party to the agreement with the plant operator.


(d) To the extent no party has elected to retain the right to process

gas it tendered to WTG Hugoton, or a party elects to retain the right to

process but has no agreement for processing at a processing plant, WTG Hugoton

may have such gas (strangers' gas) processed by a processing plant for the

purpose of removing any plant products. In such event, WTG Hugoton will

credit revenues it receives from products that are extracted from the

Shippers' gas by any processing plant with whom WTG Hugoton has an arrangement

for such extraction.