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Original Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 08/01/2007, Docket: CP06- 90-002, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 240 Original Sheet No. 240 : Effective




(d) To the extent that capacity remains, WTG Hugoton shall schedule IT

and FT overrun on the basis of the nominated IT and FT overrun usage rate.

For the purpose of allocating capacity, shippers willing to pay more than the

maximum tariff rate will be considered to be paying the maximum tariff rate.

Provided however, for scheduling purposes, to the extent Shipper is

transporting gas under an Interruptible Service Agreement, Shipper's "flowing

gas," up to the MDQ of the respective Service Agreement, shall not be

interrupted to provide service to another interruptible Shipper with a higher

scheduling priority. The term "flowing gas" shall mean:


(i) volumes scheduled to be transported on the previous gas day

within the month, or


(ii) volumes transported the previous gas day within the month,



(iii) volumes considered flowing for a previous gas day within

the month and nominated for the ensuing gas day(s) for the same

path but not scheduled as a result of WTG Hugoton's operational

considerations or during a force majeure situation.


To the extent Shipper renominates flowing gas on the subsequent day for

the same path, but WTG Hugoton is unable to schedule those volumes as a result

of other firm service, maintenance or Force Majeure, such flowing gas shall

be interrupted on the basis of price. To the extent Shipper fails to nominate

flowing gas for the subsequent day, Shipper loses flowing gas protection, and

Shipper's volumes will be scheduled as provided above.


25.2 Curtailment


(a) Interruptible Throughput. After volumes have been scheduled, WTG

Hugoton has the right to curtail receipts and/or deliveries of natural gas

below the scheduled volume if the available capacity for such quantity is

reduced as a result of force majeure or any operational consideration

reasonably determined by WTG Hugoton. WTG Hugoton shall curtail all scheduled

Overrun volumes and scheduled volumes under Interruptible Service Agreements

as provided in Section 19.


(b) Firm Services. In the event capacity must be allocated on part or

all of WTG Hugoton's system, Firm Services will be the last category to be

curtailed. Such curtailment shall be allocated on a pro rata basis except as

provided in Section 19, "Priority of Service and Curtailment" of the GENERAL