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Effective Date: 08/01/2007, Docket: CP06- 90-002, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 231 Original Sheet No. 231 : Effective




22.5 Reservation of Capacity - Expansion Projects


(a) WTG Hugoton may elect to reserve for a future expansion project any

unsubscribed capacity or capacity under expiring or terminating service

agreements where such agreements do not have a right of first refusal or

Shipper does not exercise its right of first refusal. WTG Hugoton may only

reserve capacity for a future expansion project for which an open season has

been or will be held within one (1) year of the date that WTG Hugoton posts

such capacity as being reserved. Prior to reserving capacity for an expansion

project, WTG Hugoton shall first post for bid all of its available capacity on

its website for at least five (5) business days before capacity will be



(b) Capacity may be reserved for expansion projects only for a 12-month

period prior to WTG Hugoton filing for certificate approval for construction

of proposed expansion facilities, and thereafter until the effective date of

any service agreement related to the certificate filing or the date the

expansion facilities are placed into service.


(c) If WTG Hugoton reserves capacity for an expansion project, it will

notify Shippers of its intent as part of WTG Hugoton's posting of capacity on

its Internet website. WTG Hugoton's posting for reserved capacity for future

expansion projects shall include the following information: (1) a description

of the project for which the capacity will be reserved; (2) the total quantity

of capacity to be reserved; (3) the location of the proposed reserved capacity

on the pipeline system; (4) whether, and if so when, WTG Hugoton anticipates

that an open season for the capacity will be held or the reserved capacity

will otherwise be posted for bids; (5) the projected in-service date of new

facilities; and (6) on an ongoing basis, how much of the reserved capacity has

been sold on a limited-term basis that would otherwise be eligible for a right

of first refusal. WTG Hugoton will make reasonable efforts to update the

reservation posting up to the in-service date of the project to reflect any

material changes in the scope of the project. The reservation posting or open

season will include a non-binding solicitation for turnback capacity from WTG

Hugoton's existing Shippers to serve the expansion project. In the event WTG

Hugoton includes the solicitation for turnback capacity in the reservation

posting, the reservation of capacity must be posted no later than 90 days

following an open season for a project.