W T G Hugoton, LP

Original Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 08/01/2007, Docket: CP06- 90-002, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 222 Original Sheet No. 222 : Effective






18.1 Communication of Pricing and Capacity Information


(a) WTG Hugoton has established and maintains an Internet website to

comply with the requirements of contemporaneous communication of and equal and

timely access to certain information to all "potential shippers" in the event

WTG Hugoton provides such information to an energy affiliate.


(b) WTG Hugoton's currently effective Volume No. 1 tariff, as revised

from time to time, is posted on WTG Hugoton's website. Therefore, WTG Hugoton

will not provide paper copies of the tariff to its customers and interested

state commissions unless specifically requested to do so.


(c) In addition to general information regarding the availability and

pricing of transportation services and the availability of pipeline capacity

(at receipt points, on the mainline, at delivery points, new capacity and

capacity as to which WTG Hugoton has exercised its right of pre-granted

abandonment), WTG Hugoton will post information with regard to the Right of

First Refusal process, capacity release, imbalance transfers, curtailment,

points available for real time nominations, points available for pooling, and

capacity which becomes available at the expiration of a Service Agreement.

Shipper has the option to directly post capacity release terms. WTG Hugoton

will also post such pricing and capacity information upon specific request by

shippers and potential shippers. Additionally, WTG Hugoton will post capacity

wanted notices for prospective Shippers. WTG Hugoton will regularly remove

information as to completed transactions and other matters which have become



(d) Daily back-up records will be maintained for three years and will

be accessible to customers in electronic form upon written request. Shipper

shall reimburse WTG Hugoton, upon billing, for any copying and mailing costs

associated with such requests.


(e) For further information relative to the website, including fees and

usage charges, potential shippers should contact WTG Hugoton through use of

the website link "contact us" or at www.wtghugoton.com.