T.W. Phillips Pipeline Corp.

Original Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 01/01/2010, Docket: RP10-141-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 113 Original Sheet No. 113







In the event transportation rights are released to Bidder after bidding or the exercise

of matching rights, Transporter shall prepare and submit to Bidder an Exhibit “R-_______”

(initially, “R-1”) setting forth the maximum daily quantity of the released transportation

service (“Release Quantity”), applicable receipt and delivery points, the rates to be paid for

service using released rights, the name of the Rate Schedule governing such released transporta-

tion rights and any special terms and conditions applicable to the release, including conditions

of curtailment or recall. If Replacement Shipper subsequently obtains additional released trans-

portation rights pursuant to the terms and conditions of Transporter’s Tariff, an additional

exhibit (designated sequentially as Exhibit R-2, Exhibit R-3, etc.) shall be added to this Agree-

ment for each such award of transportation rights. Each such Exhibit shall be added to this

Agreement without any requirement of execution by Replacement Shipper (except in the case of

prearranged transactions to be executed prior to submission to Transporter) and, upon such

addition, shall be incorporated in and be considered a part of this Agreement. In the case of

prearranged release transactions, Releasing Shipper shall prepare the Exhibit R-___ with all

terms set forth therein; and, after execution by Replacement Shipper, such Exhibit shall be

submitted to Transporter with the Release Request. If consistent with the tariff and not super-

seded by a higher third-party or matching bid, such Exhibit R-___ will be accepted and incorpor-

ated into this Agreement.




This Agreement shall be subject to, governed by, and shall incorporate the applicable

provisions of Transporter’s Tariff, including, without limitation, Section 22 of the General

Terms and Conditions thereof, the governing Rate Schedule, and the special terms and conditions

stated in each Exhibit hereto with respect to the released transportation rights described in such

Exhibit. Subject to the terms, conditions, and limitations of this Agreement and Transporter’s

Tariff, Replacement Shipper shall be deemed a Shipper for purposes of the governing Rate Schedule

and the applicable provisions of Transporter’s Tariff and shall be subject to all obligations



Performance of this Agreement shall be subject to all valid laws, orders, decisions, rules

and regulations of duly constituted governmental authorities having jurisdiction or control of any

matter related hereto. Should either of the parties, by force of any such law, order, decision,

rule or regulation, at any time the term of this Agreement be ordered or required to do any act

inconsistent with the provisions hereof, then for the period during which the requirements of such

law, order, decision, rule or regulation are applicable, this Agreement shall be deemed modified

to conform with the requirement of such law, order, decision, rule or regulation; provided, how-

ever, nothing in this Article III shall alter, modify or otherwise affect the respective rights

of the parties to cancel or terminate this Agreement under the terms and conditions hereof.