Rendezvous Pipeline Company, L.L.C.

Original Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 02/08/2007, Docket: RP07- 6-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 90 Original Sheet No. 90 : Pending





6.1 Shipper may designate, by written notice to

Transporter, a responsible entity to implement Shipper's

obligations under this Agreement (other than to make payments) as

Agent for Shipper. Such designation will not relieve Shipper of

any obligations under its transportation agreement(s) or this

tariff. Designation of an Agent will authorize Transporter to

communicate with Agent in connection with all matters for

implementation of Shipper's obligations, unless otherwise agreed

by Shipper and Transporter. Designation of an Agent shall set

forth (a) the full name, address, email address, phone numbers,

and all other contact information of the entity acting as Agent,

(b) similar identifying and contact information for a specific

individual employed by such entity with whom Transporter shall be

entitled to deal; (c) the Business Day on which the agency begins

and, if known the Business Day on which such agency shall end;

(d) any limitations on the agency. Transporter requires at

least three (3) Business Days prior written notice of the

commencement or termination of an agency designation. A notice

of commencement or termination of an agency designation shall be

in writing signed by Shipper. Unless otherwise specified by

Shipper, Shipper's Agent shall also be its Nominating Party. If

Shipper desires to designate a separate Nominating Party, it

shall notify Transporter in writing of such designation in the

same manner as appointing an Agent as described above. Shipper's

notice of a termination of a Nominating Party designation shall

also be given in the same manner as a designation of another

Agent. A Nominating Party shall be treated as Shipper's Agent

for nominations, scheduling and communications with respect

thereto. As between Shipper and Transporter, Shipper shall hold

Transporter harmless and reimburse Transporter for any

liabilities, costs or damages incurred by Transporter as a result

of its communicating with or relying on communications from

Shipper's Agent, including its Nominating Party.





7.1 Unless herein provided to the contrary, any notice

called for in this Service Agreement shall be in writing and

shall be considered as having been given if delivered personally,

or by mail or telegraph with all postage and charges prepaid to

either Shipper or Transporter at the place designated. Routine

communications shall be considered as duly delivered when mailed

by ordinary mail. Operational communications must be made by

facsimile transmission, Internet email or other mutually

agreeable means of electronic communication. Unless changed, the

addresses of the parties are as follows:



1050 17th Street, Suite 500

Denver, CO 80265

Fax No. (303) 308-3610



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