Rendezvous Pipeline Company, L.L.C.

Original Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 02/25/2009, Docket: RP09-271-000, Status: Effective

First Revised Sheet No. 50 First Revised Sheet No. 50

Superseding: Original Sheet No. 50





communication. Transporter shall post on its Designated Site

release requests, offers to purchase released capacity, bids

for released capacity and awards of released capacity under

Section 19.6 below in accordance with the capacity release

timeline set forth in Section 19.7 below.


19.4 Release Requests. All requests to release capacity shall set

forth the following:


(a) Releasing Shipper's name, contract number and contract

quantity to be released;


(b) Receipt Point and Delivery Point;


(c) Commencement date and termination date for the release;


(d) Minimum volume, minimum term, and minimum rate for the

release which Releasing Shipper is willing to accept;


(e) Whether the release will occur on a firm recallable or

nonrecallable basis and, if on a recallable basis, the

specific terms and conditions under which recall may occur;


(f) Whether the release is subject to any reput rights and the

specific terms and conditions under which such reput rights

may be exercised;


(g) Any specific conditions of the release, which conditions

must be objectively stated, applicable to all bidders,

operationally feasible, non-discriminatory to other shippers

and consistent with this Tariff. If Releasing Shipper

submits no release conditions, or Transporter finds the

requested conditions operationally infeasible or

inconsistent with this Tariff, the released capacity shall

be subject to the conditions currently effective in this

Tariff. Releasing Shipper must notify Transporter if the

minimum conditions precedent to the release are not to be

posted on the Designated Site until after the capacity is



(h) An irrevocable statement, subject only to the provisions of

Section 19.8, that the Releasing Shipper will release its

transportation rights on the terms and conditions set forth

in its Release Request if all such terms are accepted by a

Bidder; and


(i) Whether the Releasing Shipper has entered into a binding

agreement to release its transportation rights to a

Prearranged Bidder. In such event, the Releasing Shipper

shall additionally submit the following:


(i) The Prearranged Bidder's legal name, and the name,

telephone number, facsimile transmission number and

Internet email address of the person to contact

concerning the prearranged release;


(ii) All terms and conditions to which the Prearranged

Bidder has agreed;