Rendezvous Pipeline Company, L.L.C.

Original Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 02/08/2007, Docket: RP07- 6-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 36 Original Sheet No. 36 : Pending





12.1 Tests and Repairs. Transporter shall have the right,

without liability to Shipper, to interrupt the

transportation of Gas for Shipper when necessary to

test, alter, modify, enlarge or repair any facility or

property comprising a part of, or appurtenant to,

Transporter's System, or otherwise related to the

operation thereof. Transporter shall endeavor to cause

a minimum of inconvenience to Shipper because of such



12.2 Operational Control. Transporter shall retain full

operational control of its System and shall at all

times be entitled to schedule deliveries and to operate

its System in a manner which, in Transporter's sole

opinion, is consistent with the obligations and

operating conditions as they may exist from time to

time on Transporter's System, or which will allow

Transporter to optimize the receipt and/or utilization

of Gas supplies on its System now and in the future.

Nothing in any Service Agreement shall be deemed to

impinge on such operating flexibility.





13.1 General Procedure. Shipper will notify Transporter by

facsimile transmission, Internet email or other

mutually agreeable means of electronic communication

each Day (or other time periods as mutually agreed upon

by Shipper and Transporter) of the quantity of Gas

Shipper desires scheduled on the following Day in

accordance with Section 17. Transporter will advise

Shipper by facsimile transmission, Internet email or

other mutually agreeable means of electronic

communication of the quantity it will accept for

transportation, which quantity will be the Scheduled

Quantity unless operating conditions require an



13.2 Limitation Upon Transporter's Daily Transportation

Obligation. Transporter will not be obligated to

deliver to Shipper on any Day a greater quantity of

Gas, on a Thermally Equivalent basis, than it has

received from Shipper on such Day, reduced by the

quantity required for FLUF Gas.


13.3 Records of Scheduled Quantities. Transporter will keep

accurate records of Scheduled Quantities of Gas and any

imbalances, which records will be made available to

Shipper at its request. If Shipper's Gas is commingled

with other Gas at the Receipt Point(s) or at the

Delivery Point(s), the scheduling arrangements and

Transporter's records will include procedures for the

division of the total Quantity at such points.


13.4 Arrangements Prior to Receipt and After Delivery. It

will be Shipper's obligation to make arrangements with

other parties for delivery of Gas into Transporter's

System at the Receipt Point(s) and for receipt of Gas

after transportation at the Delivery Point(s). Shipper

will be obligated in such arrangements to require

dispatching and operating coordination with Transporter

and access to appropriate charts and records. Such

arrangements must be satisfactory to Transporter.