Stingray Pipeline Company, L. L. C.

Third Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 01/01/1999, Docket: RP99-166-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 65 Original Sheet No. 65 : Effective





4.2 Shipper’s Commitment included in its request for service

under this Rate Schedule FTS-2 shall be accompanied by a life of

reserves monthly production profile for all proven reserves included

within Shipper’s Commitment and shall designate Shipper’s requested

MDQ to be in effect during each Contract Quarter of each Contract

Year throughout the term of its FTS-2 Agreement. For purposes of

this Rate Schedule FTS-2, the term "Contract Quarter" means a

consecutive three (3) month period as specified on Exhibit "B" of

the FTS-2 Agreement; and the term "Contract Year" means a

consecutive twelve (12) month period consisting of four (4)

consecutive Contract Quarters as specified in the FTS-2 Agreement.


4.3 Shipper’s life of reserves production profile shall be

accompanied by either: (a) technical data necessary to support the

production profile and demonstrate that Shipper's requested MDQs are

supported by the production profile; provided, however, Shipper

shall not be required to supply to Stingray data of a confidential

nature; or (b) a report issued by one of the engineering firms

listed on Appendix “A” to this Rate Schedule FTS-2 supporting

Shipper’s production profile and requested MDQs.


4.4 If Shipper elects to establish its life of reserves

production profile and MDQs with a report from an independent

engineering firm in accordance with Section 4.3(b) of this Rate

Schedule FTS-2, then the cost of such report shall be borne by the

Shipper. The production profile and MDQs established in such report

shall be binding on both Shipper and Stingray for purposes of

Shipper’s request for service under Section 3 of this Rate Schedule



4.5 If Shipper submits its life of reserves production

profile and supporting technical data to Stingray in accordance with

Section 4.3(a) of this Rate Schedule FTS-2 and Stingray determines

that (1) the data supplied are insufficient to permit Stingray to

assess the reasonableness of Shipper’s production profile and MDQs;

or (2) Shipper’s production profile is not reasonable or the