Stingray Pipeline Company, L. L. C.

Third Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 03/31/2006, Docket: RP00-305-026, Status: Effective

Substitute Second Revised Sheet No. 10D Substitute Second Revised Sheet No. 10D : Effective

Superseding: First Revised Sheet No. 10D




Daily Negotiated

Contract Rate Quantity Rate

Customer Name Number Schedule (Dth/Day) ($/Dth) Receipt Point(s) Delivery Point(s)

----------------------- -------- -------- ---------- ---------- ----------------- -----------------

Union Electric Company 3268 ITS 86,700 See [2] - [3] TRNK (DRN No. 3627) CLAY (Meter No. 91055) (interconnect with

d/b/a AmerenUE Below NGPS (DRN No. 3633) Clay County Trust 2000)

PALS [1]

[1] Customer has agreed to contract for a park and loan service which MRT expects to make available under its proposed Rate Schedule PALS which is incorporated

in the pending Settlement filed in MRT's Order No. 637 compliance proceedings in FERC Docket No. RP00-410-000 and RP01-8-000.

[2] For ITS service: $0.035/Dth from the NGPS receipt point, $0.015/Dth from the TRNK receipt point. Customer also shall pay any additional applicable ACA

surcharges and any applicable LUFG or Fuel charges. For PALS service, when available: $0.035/Dth Activity Rate for quantities loaned or withdrawn, if parked,

and $0.00/Dth for the corresponding subsequent payback or initial parking of such quantities, if, in each of the foregoing instances, effected pursuant to the

automatic service option. Daily Balance Rate of $0.00/Dth for any park/loan balance if created pursuant to automatic option and so long as balance reduced to

zero prior to earlier of end of month in which balance incurred or any shorter period beyond which tariff does not permit FTS/ITS customers to make-up

imbalances in-kind without becoming subject to cash-out or other charges assessed on unresolved imbalances. Automatic option PALS service triggered whenever

during any applicable period takes for Customer's account at Delivery Point exceed corresponding quantities received at specified Receipt Points for its account

and, with respect to subsequent activity (payback of loan, withdrawal of park), only if it occurs prior to the earlier of end of month or any shorter period as

provided above for Daily Balance Rate. However, Customer shall pay no less than any applicable minimum rate. GRI and surcharges (other than ACA) in effect

April 15, 2002 shall not be used to charge amounts in excess of the specified rates. Rates are only applicable between specified Receipt and Delivery Points.

[3] Guaranteed annual revenue commitment of $160,600 for ITS service only which increases to $188,000 once MRT can offer PALS service. Only base rate amounts

paid under the agreement for ITS transportation service (including for Main Line transportation to the Delivery Point if and when available), and for the

contemplated PALS service rendered under the automatic service option, when approved, and ACA charges shall apply toward satisfaction of annual revenue

commitments, i.e. , penalties, cash-out charges and other similar amounts or surcharges shall not apply toward satisfaction of the minimum annual revenue

commitments. Any deficiency to be billed and paid with invoices for the first month of the next calendar year.

[4] Customer agrees to reimburse MRT for total costs and applicable overheads incurred related to constructing delivery facilities at the new Delivery Point

if FERC does not issue acceptable approvals of this negotiated rate transaction or the parties are unable to negotiate acceptable alternative arrangements.

[5] If determination made that rate arrangement violates law, regulation or order, parties shall attempt promptly to agree on alternative arrangements that secure,

to maximum extent practicable, the benefits contemplated.

[6] Rate agreement subject to all laws, orders, rules and regulations. MRT not held in default if failure to perform due to good faith compliance with governmental

requirements or good faith determination that governmental authority has conditioned performance in a manner which (i) requires performance inconsistent with

terms and provisions of rate agreement, or (ii) conditions or prohibits the granting of selective discounts or other rates in a manner unacceptable to MRT.

Customer waives any rights to receive credits or benefits from rates, refunds, penalties or other revenues collected by MRT or Customer which would provide

Customer lower rate or greater economic benefit over term. If waivers ineffective or Customer seeks to exercise any such rights, MRT may terminate

provisions which provide for rate(s) less than maximum.

[7] The Negotiated Rate Agreement does not deviate in any material aspect from the Transportation Service Agreement form in MRT's tariff.

[8] The primary term of the Negotiated Rate transaction is ten (10) years beginning April 15, 2002. After the end of the primary term, the transaction continues on

a month-to-month basis unless cancelled upon thirty (30) days written notice by either Customer or MRT.