Empire Pipeline, Inc.

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Effective Date: 12/10/2008, Docket: CP06-5-010, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 224 Original Sheet No. 224





26. PRESSURE (Cont'd.)



(b) Shipper shall deliver gas or cause gas to be delivered to

Transporter at the receipt point(s) at a pressure

sufficient to allow the gas to enter Transporter's

pipeline, as such pressure shall vary from time to time,

provided, however, that such pressure shall not exceed any

maximum pressure determined by Transporter from time to

time. Transporter shall not be required to compress into

its pipeline gas transported under any rate schedule, or

otherwise change its normal pipeline operations. At each

receipt point, Shipper shall provide, or cause to be

provided, equipment acceptable to Transporter that will

prevent overpressuring of Transporter's pipeline.

Transporter and Shipper may agree to a specific minimum

receipt pressure for a stated period at any point or

points, below which Transporter is not obligated to receive

gas from or on behalf of Shipper, and where necessary, upon

specified conditions to ensure that such agreement does not

have any adverse effect on Transporter's system. If

Transporter and Shipper agree to a specific minimum receipt

point pressure obligation for a stated period, the pressure

obligation and any conditions will be specified in the

service agreement in the blank spaces provided in the Form

of Service Agreement. If Transporter and a Shipper are

unable to mutually agree upon a minimum pressure

commitment, Transporter will, upon request from that

Shipper, provide a written explanation concerning the

operational reasons for the denial.


(c) Transporter will not enter into minimum pressure

obligations or conditions that will adversely affect

Transporter's ability to meet its firm service obligations

to an existing Shipper.