Empire Pipeline, Inc.

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Effective Date: 12/10/2008, Docket: CP06-5-010, Status: Effective

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12.10 Marketing Assistance


If the Existing Shipper requests the assistance of Transporter's

Marketing Department in locating a potential Replacement

Shipper, a representative from such department shall contact the

Existing Shipper and discuss the services that are available at

such time and the fees for such services. If the Existing

Shipper and Transporter enter into a mutually agreeable

marketing assistance arrangement, Transporter shall bill the

Existing Shipper according to the terms of such agreement.



12.11 Intra-Day Recalls of Capacity


(a) Releasing shippers receiving service under Rate Schedule FT

may, to the extent permitted as a condition of the capacity

release, recall released capacity (scheduled or

unscheduled). As set forth in NAESB Standard 5.3.44:


All Transportation Service Providers (TSPs) should

support the following recall notification periods for

all released capacity subject to recall rights:


(i) Timely Recall Notification


(a) A Releasing Shipper recalling capacity should

provide notice of such recall to the TSP and the

first Replacement Shipper no later than 8:00 a.m.

on the day that Timely Nominations are due;


(b) The TSP should provide notification of such

recall to all affected Replacement Shippers no

later than 9:00 a.m. on the day that Timely

Nominations are due (Central Clock Time);