Empire Pipeline, Inc.

Original Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 12/10/2008, Docket: CP06-5-010, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 102 Original Sheet No. 102








1.19 "Existing Shipper" as used in Section 12 of these General Terms

and Conditions, shall mean a Shipper under Rate Schedule FT that

wants to release any or all of its capacity.


1.20 "Forward-haul" shall mean the receipt and delivery of Gas which

is accomplished by the Transporter's delivery of Gas at Point(s)

of Delivery of Transporter which is or are downstream from its

Point(s) of Receipt of such Gas.


1.21 "Gas" shall mean natural gas, including casinghead gas produced

with crude oil, gas from gas wells and gas from condensate wells

and synthetic natural gas.


1.22 "Heating Value" shall mean, when applied to a cubic foot of gas,

the number of British thermal units produced by the complete

combustion with air, at a constant pressure, of one anhydrous

(dry) cubic foot of gas at an absolute pressure of 14.73 pounds

per square inch and at a temperature of 60 degrees Fahrenheit,

when the products of combustion are cooled to the initial

temperature of the gas and air, and when water formed by

combustion is condensed to a liquid state.


1.23 "Incremental Capacity on the Original Empire Pipeline" shall

mean capacity on the Original Empire Pipeline made possible by

the use of Transporter's Oakfield Compressor Station when there

is capacity available on the Empire Connector.


1.24 "Maximum Daily Quantity" shall mean the greatest number of Dths

that Transporter is obligated to deliver to or on behalf of

Shipper on any Day.


1.25 "Mcf" shall mean 1,000 cubic feet of gas.


1.26 "Month" shall mean the period beginning at 9:00 a.m. Central

Clock Time (10:00 a.m. Eastern Clock Time) on the first Day of a

calendar month and ending at the same hour on the first Day of

the next succeeding calendar month.