Cameron Interstate Pipeline, LLC

Original Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 11/01/2008, Docket: RP08-647-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 203 Original Sheet No. 203










3.1 For the entire period when this Agreement is in effect, this Agreement will be

subject to all provisions of Rate Schedule FT and the GT&Cs of Pipeline's Tariff on

file with FERC, as such may be revised or superseded from time to time, all of

which are by this reference made a part of this Agreement. All of the terms

defined in Pipeline's Tariff shall have the same meaning in this Agreement.


3.2 Shipper agrees to and will pay Pipeline all Reservation, Usage and other charges

and fees provided for in Rate Schedule FT, as effective from time to time, for

service under this Agreement unless otherwise agreed to by the Parties in a

negotiated arrangement set forth in Exhibit C hereto which shall be incorporated as

part of this Agreement for all intents and purposes.


3.3 If applicable, Pipeline warrants that the transportation service hereunder meets

the requirements set out in Subpart B of Part 284 of FERC's Regulations and

qualifies for service under Rate Schedule FT, as applicable; provided, however,

that this warranty does not extend to actions taken that are not within the control

of Pipeline. A certification from the Shipper on whose behalf Pipeline will render

the transportation services hereunder is set forth in Exhibit D hereto. Exhibit D

is hereby incorporated as part of this Agreement for all intents and purposes.

Shipper further agrees to abide by the terms of Rate Schedule FT, as applicable.

Shipper warrants that upstream and downstream transportation arrangements are in

place, or will be in place as of the Effective Date, and that it has or will advise

the upstream and downstream transporters of the receipt and delivery points under

this Agreement and any quantity or pressure limitations for each point as specified

on Exhibit A attached hereto.


3.4 Shipper agrees that Pipeline shall have the unilateral right to file with FERC to

propose changes to the provisions in its GT&Cs or Rate Schedules, except that

Pipeline shall not file with FERC to limit its responsibility to decrease

Reservation charges, as provided in GT&C Section 10.9, and shall not file with FERC

to limit Shipper's ability to terminate this agreement under the conditions

specified in GT&C Section 10.9. Shipper retains its rights under Section 5 of the