Cameron Interstate Pipeline, LLC

Original Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 11/01/2008, Docket: RP08-647-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 97 Original Sheet No. 97






as part of Pipeline's penalty revenue sharing pursuant to GT&Cs

Section 25. In the event that there are no Non-Offending Shippers,

as set forth in GT&Cs Section 25, in a given Month, 50% of such

overrun and undeliveries penalties shall be donated to a charity

that is located in a parish or county in which Pipeline is located,

and the remaining 50% of such overrun and underdeliveries penalties

shall be carried forward to the next month. The payment of a

penalty under this Section 9 shall under no circumstances be

considered as giving the Shipper the right to violate OFOs nor shall

such payment be considered as a substitute for any other remedy

available to Pipeline or any other Shipper against the offending

Shipper for failure to comply with an OFO.


9.4 Interconnecting operator OFOs. To the extent a directly

interconnected operator issues an OFO, Pipeline may concurrently

issue an OFO. Penalties for violating such an OFO issued by

Pipeline shall be those enumerated in GT&Cs Section 9.



9.5 Pipeline shall publish a report on its Internet Web Site as soon as

available, providing information about the reason for issuing the

OFO, the status of the operational variables that determine when an

OFO is issued, the Shipper(s) affected, the time and date when the

OFO will begin, when the OFO is expected to end, explain why the OFO

was issued and what specific actions are required from the affected

Shipper(s). The report will be updated when new information is

available. Additionally, Pipeline shall publish a final report on

its Internet Web Site, within three (3) Business Days from the date

an OFO is lifted, providing the details regarding an OFO.




10.1 Pipeline shall have the right to curtail transportation services, in

whole or in part, on all or a portion of its system at any time for

reasons of Force Majeure or when, in Pipeline's sole judgment,

capacity or operating conditions so require or it is desirable or

necessary to make modifications or operating changes to its system.

Pipeline shall provide Shipper such notice of the curtailment of

each Shipper's scheduled service as is reasonable under the

circumstances. Pipeline shall have the unqualified right to curtail

transportation services at any time under Pipeline's interruptible

Rate Schedules to provide service under Pipeline's firm Rate

Schedules or to serve a higher priority interruptible service.