Cameron Interstate Pipeline, LLC

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Effective Date: 11/01/2008, Docket: RP08-647-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 92 Original Sheet No. 92






In the event Shipper, without prior authorization by

Pipeline, takes on any Gas Day at any individual

Delivery Point a quantity of gas which is greater than

Shipper's applicable MDDQ or segment entitlement, then

the quantity in excess of the MDDQ or segment

entitlement shall be Shipper's Delivery Point

unauthorized daily overrun for such Gas Day and GT&Cs

Sections 7.5 through 7.7 shall apply.


(e) Updating Delivery Quantity. Pipeline shall amend each

affected Shipper's delivery quantity at any Delivery

Point(s) to reflect any additional flexibility provided

by incremental capacity expansion projects after: (1)

Shipper and Pipeline have executed the Service Agreement

for such incremental service; and (2) the incremental

facilities related thereto have been constructed and are

ready for service.



8.2 Installation Of Flow Control Equipment


Pipeline may elect to construct, install, and operate flow control

equipment at any location on its pipeline system whenever it

determines in its reasonable judgment that such equipment will

contribute to the safe, reliable, efficient and orderly operation of

its pipeline system in a manner that is consistent with its

obligation to provide service under all of its rate schedules.



8.3 Hourly Rates Of Flow


(a) Uniform Flow Rates:


All gas delivered to or by Pipeline under its

transportation Rate Schedules shall be delivered at

rates as constant as operationally feasible throughout

the Gas Day, and except as provided in GT&Cs Section

8.3(b), Pipeline shall not be obligated to deliver gas

under its transportation Rate Schedules in excess of

uniform hourly rates.