Cameron Interstate Pipeline, LLC

Original Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 11/01/2008, Docket: RP08-647-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 53 Original Sheet No. 53






Maximum Daily Receipt Quantity ("MDRQ") shall mean for each Receipt Point,

the maximum quantity of gas, which Pipeline is obligated to accept for

transportation for Shipper's account on any given Gas Day at the Receipt

Point. The MDRQ shall be specified on Exhibit A to the Service Agreement

between Pipeline and Shipper for each Receipt Point. The MDRQ shall be

exclusive of: (1) any makeup quantities that Pipeline has agreed to

receive and transport and (2) the Fuel Retainage Percentage. The

aggregate of the MDRQ's for all Receipt Points in a Shipper's Service

Agreement shall not exceed one hundred percent (100%) of Shipper's MDTQ in

such Service Agreement.


Maximum Daily Transportation Quantity ("MDTQ") shall mean the maximum

daily quantity of gas exclusive of: (1) any makeup quantities that

Pipeline has agreed to receive and transport and (2) the Fuel Retainage

Percentage that (a) Shipper may tender for transportation in the aggregate

to all Receipt Points, and (b) Pipeline is obligated to deliver in the

aggregate to all Delivery Points.


Mcf shall mean one thousand (1,000) Cubic Feet of gas.


MMBtu shall mean one million Btu. One MMBtu equals one Dekatherm.


Month shall mean the period beginning at 9:00 a.m. CCT, on the first day

of a calendar Month, and ending at the same hour on the first day of the

next succeeding calendar Month.


Monthly Allocation shall mean the process where the allocating party

performs the allocation process at the end of the monthly flow period.

NAESB Definition 2.2.4.


Negotiated Rate shall mean a rate that Pipeline and Shipper have agreed

will be charged under a Service Agreement where, for all or a portion of

the agreement term, one or more of the individual components of such rate

may exceed the maximum rate for such component set forth in Pipeline's



NAESB shall mean the North American Energy Standards Board.


NAESB Standards shall mean the standards issued by NAESB and adopted by

the Commission for use by transmission providers such as Pipeline.


Nomination Period shall mean a period of time that Shipper includes in a

nomination for gas service.


Operational Flow Orders ("OFOs") shall mean an order or orders issued to

alleviate conditions, including those which threaten the safe operations

or system integrity of Pipeline's system or to maintain operations

required to provide efficient and reliable firm service. Whenever

Pipeline experiences these