Cameron Interstate Pipeline, LLC

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Effective Date: 11/01/2008, Docket: RP08-647-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 51 Original Sheet No. 51







British Thermal Unit ("Btu") shall mean the amount of heat required to

raise the temperature of one avoirdupois pound of pure water from 58.5

Fahrenheit to 59.5 Fahrenheit at a constant pressure of 14.73 dry psia.


Business Day shall mean Monday through Friday excluding federal banking

holidays for transactions in the U.S. Pipeline's Business Days shall be

shown on a calendar posted on the Pipeline's Internet Web Site.


Capacity Path shall mean a transportation path from a Primary Receipt

Point to a Primary Delivery Point as established by the executed Service

Agreement or otherwise specified in the notice of capacity release

pursuant to GT&Cs Section 11.


CCT shall mean Central Clock Time, which includes the recognition of

Daylight Savings Time.


Commission shall mean the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission ("FERC") or

any successor regulatory authority having jurisdiction over Pipeline.


Cubic Foot (or Feet) shall mean the quantity of natural gas, which

occupies one cubic foot of volume at the volumetric measurement base,

which shall be one cubic foot of natural gas at a pressure base of 14.73

pounds per square inch absolute, a temperature base of 60°F, and without

adjustment for water vapor content.


Daily Allocation shall mean the process where the allocating party

performs the allocation process following each Gas Day. NAESB Definition



Daily Gas Index Price shall mean the simple average of: (1) Natural Gas

Intelligence Gas Price Index, "Louisiana", "Average", "Transco St. 65" for

the week in which the Gas Day occurs, (2) Platts Gas Daily, "Louisiana-

Onshore South", "Midpoint", "Transco, Zone 3", for the Gas Day (3) Natural

Gas Intelligence Gas Price Index, "Louisiana", "Average", "Trunkline W.

LA" for the week in which the Gas Day occurs, and (4) Platts Gas Daily,

"Louisiana-Onshore South", "Midpoint", "Trunkline, WLA" for the Gas Day.

If no index for a Gas Day is published, the price will be computed as the

average of the applicable indices on the Index Publication Date preceding

and the Index Publication Date following such Gas Day. The Index

Publication Date is the date on which the publication is published. In

the event that an index ceases to be published, the Parties shall agree on

a replacement index.