Cameron Interstate Pipeline, LLC

Original Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 11/01/2008, Docket: RP08-647-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 15 Original Sheet No. 15







its facilities in a manner that will allow it to provide firm

certificated service in accordance with the contracted obligations.


2.6 Transportation of the gas received by Pipeline at the Primary

Receipt Point(s) specified in Exhibit A of the Service Agreement for

Rate Schedule FT for Shipper's account under this Rate Schedule and

the delivery of such gas to the Delivery Point(s) specified in

Exhibit B of the Service Agreement shall be on a firm basis and

shall not be subject to limitation or interruption, except as

provided in GT&Cs Sections 9, 10 and 21 or pursuant to order of the

Commission. Firm transportation services under this Rate Schedule

shall have priority over all of Pipeline's interruptible services.


2.7 The transportation of gas under this Rate Schedule at Secondary

Receipt Point(s) and Secondary Delivery Point(s) shall be subject,

in Pipeline's reasonable judgment, to the availability of capacity

in Pipeline's facilities and to the operating conditions and system

requirements of Pipeline. Transportation of gas under this Rate

Schedule at any Secondary Receipt Point(s) and Secondary Delivery

Point(s) shall be on a secondary basis and shall have a priority

over the transportation of gas for Pipeline's interruptible services

and a priority subordinate to the delivery of gas at the Primary

Receipt Point(s) and Primary Delivery Point(s) specified in the

Service Agreements under this Rate Schedule.




3.1 The applicable unit rates for service hereunder are set forth in the

currently effective Sheet No. 6 of this Tariff and are incorporated

herein. The rates in this Rate Schedule are subject to adjustment

pursuant to GT&Cs Section 22 through 28.


3.2 The rates stated on the currently effective Sheet No. 6 set forth

the maximum rates applicable to each service provided under this

Rate Schedule, and the range represented by the maximum and minimum

rates stated for each such service. Shipper shall pay the maximum

rates for service under this Rate Schedule unless Pipeline, in its

reasonable judgment, offers to discount its rates to Shipper under

GT&Cs Section 28, or unless the parties have agreed to a Negotiated

Rate under GT&Cs Section 27. Any discount or Negotiated Rate