Pacific Interstate Offshore Company

Second Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 01/01/1994, Docket: RS92- 73-001, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 20 Original Sheet No. 20 : Effective








6.2 (cont'd)


(6) The names of any Production Working Interest

Owners and any transporters of the gas to the

Receipt Point for each Receipt Point;


(7) The names of any transporters of the gas from

the Delivery Point for each Delivery Point;


(8) The state(s) in which the gas to be transported

will be produced and consumed;


(9) The complete legal name and a legal description

of Shipper;


(10) The name, title, mailing address, and telephone

number of the person designated by Shipper for

the purpose of scheduling and nominations.


(11) The information, including mailing address of

Shipper, necessary for billing under Section 9

of the General Terms and Conditions.


6.3 Acceptance of a Request for Transportation is

contingent upon Shipper satisfying a credit

appraisal by Transporter.


(1) Such credit appraisal shall be based upon the

following information and criteria:


(i) Shipper shall provide current financial

statements, annual reports, 10-K reports

or other filings with regulatory agencies,

a list of all corporate affiliates, parent

companies and subsidiaries, and any

reports from credit reporting agencies

which are available. Transporter shall

apply consistent evaluation practices to

determine the acceptability of the

Shipper's overall financial condition, and

working capital.