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Effective Date: 11/22/2003, Docket: RP04- 67-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 83 Original Sheet No. 83 : Effective


(ii) All nominations will be considered original

nominations and will be replaced to be changed. When a

nomination for a date range is received, each day

within that range is considered an original

nomination. When a subsequent nomination is received

for one or more days within that range, the previous

nomination is superseded by the subsequent nomination

only to the extent of the days specified. The days of

the previous nomination outside the range of the

subsequent nomination are unaffected. Nominations have

a prospective effect only.


(iii) Intraday nominations can be used to request increases

or decreases in total flow, changes to receipt points,

or changes to delivery points of scheduled gas.


(iv) All nominations shall be stated in terms of a daily

transportation quantity; provided, however, that

Transporter shall not be required to schedule any such

nomination where the nominated quantity exceeds the

maximum daily contract quantity permitted under the

service agreement pursuant to which service is

requested or which would require Transporter to

provide an unreasonably excessive change in the hourly

flow rate contrary to Section 9.4. Provided that no

intraday change shall be for a quantity that is less

than the quantity of gas that has actually been

scheduled to flow on such day prior to the effective

time of the intraday change; and provided further that

a properly confirmed nomination shall supersede any

previous nomination for such day. Unless otherwise

agreed by Transporter, an intraday nomination shall

terminate at the end of the day for which it was

submitted, and the nomination in effect prior to the

submission of any intraday nomination for such day

shall continue in effect for the time period stated in

the nomination.


(v) The standard quantity for nominations, confirmation

and scheduling is dekatherm per gas day in the United

States, gigajoules per gas day in Canada and

gigacalories per gas day in Mexico. (For reference 1

dekatherm = 1,000,000 Btu's; 1 gigajoule =

1,000,000,000 joules; and 1 gigacalorie =

1,000,000,000 calories.) For commercial purposes, the