Ngo Transmission, Inc.

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Effective Date: 11/22/2003, Docket: RP04- 67-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 72 Original Sheet No. 72 : Effective


(j) Private credit ratings, if obtained by the Shipper;


(k) Bank references;


(l) Trade references;


(m) Statement of legal composition;


(n) Statement of the length of time the business has been in



(o) Any other information reasonably required so that

Transporter can make its credit determination under this

Section 6; and


(p) Such other information as may be mutually agreed to by the



6.2 Parent Company Information: In the event Shipper cannot provide

the information in Section 6.1 above, Shipper shall, if

applicable, provide that information for its parent company.


6.3 Eligibility for Service: Transporter shall not be required to

perform or to continue service under any Rate Schedule on behalf

of any Shipper which is or has become insolvent or which is or

becomes noncreditworthy; provided, however, such Shipper may

receive service under any Rate Schedule if Shipper prepays for

such service or furnishes good and sufficient security, as

determined by Transporter in its reasonable discretion, in an

amount equal to all service fees and charges for a three (3) month

period or the duration of the transportation service agreement,

whichever is shorter. Any Bidder or requestor for service must

satisfy these credit requirements before a bid or request is

deemed valid.


6.4 Suspension or Termination of Service: For an existing Shipper, if

Transporter determines that Shipper is no longer creditworthy,

Transporter may suspend service on five (5) Business Days' prior

notice unless Shipper provides security within that period for one

month of advance service, in addition to paying for the current

month's service and any outstanding amount (excluding any amount

as to which there is a good faith dispute). In addition, Shipper

must within thirty (30) days provide security in advance equal to

all fees and charges for three (3) months of service, or