Ngo Transmission, Inc.

Original Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 11/22/2003, Docket: RP04- 67-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 31 Original Sheet No. 31 : Effective


reflecting volume, term, and the minimum rate Transporter will

accept for the service. If a request is not accepted by

Transporter within ten (10) days, it is deemed denied.


3.4 Applicability of Tariff: Submission of a request for service

hereunder shall be deemed agreement by Shipper that it will abide

by the terms and conditions of this Rate Schedule, including the

applicable General Terms and Conditions, if awarded capacity.




4.1 Shipper is required to nominate quantities at the receipt points,

but not quantities for injection into storage, withdrawal from

storage, or delivery at the delivery points. Shipper will,

however, use its best efforts to determine in advance its actual

daily demand at each delivery point in order to assist Transporter

in determining the appropriate blend of flowing gas and storage

injections or withdrawals necessary to serve that demand.

Nominations for quantities to be received at a receipt point

served by a Delivering Pipeline shall be issued to Transporter

concurrently with the nominations issued by Shipper to the

Delivering Pipeline in question. Nominations for quantities to be

received into Transporter's system from receipt points not served

by Delivering Pipelines shall be issued sufficiently in advance of

flow to permit Transporter to make appropriate arrangements to

receive and redeliver such gas, either to storage or to Shipper's

Delivery Points.


4.2 Transporter or its designee shall notify Shipper if nominated

quantities are rejected and not deemed scheduled despite receipt

of such information. With notice to Shipper, Transporter may make

arrangements with the Delivering Pipeline to facilitate Shipper's

ability to Schedule on one or more systems without duplicative

communications or confirmations.


4.3 Upstream Curtailment: If the Delivering Pipeline curtails or

interrupts deliveries of Shipper's gas to Transporter or if the

Receiving Pipeline curtails or interrupts receipts of Shipper's

Gas from Transporter, service by Transporter shall likewise be

curtailed or interrupted and Shipper will be responsible for

arranging adjustments of transportation quantities on all upstream