Ngo Transmission, Inc.

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Effective Date: 11/22/2003, Docket: RP04- 67-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 30 Original Sheet No. 30 : Effective


thermally equivalent to the quantity received by Transporter for

transportation and withdraw from storage as provided in Section

2.4 hereunder less appropriate reductions for fuel and loss as

provided herein; provided, however, that Transporter shall not be

obligated to deliver on any day quantities in excess of the MDQ

for each Primary delivery point set forth on Exhibit A of

Shipper's NNS Agreement, or quantities in excess of the MDCQ set

forth in Shipper's NNS Agreement.


2.4 Subject to the provisions of this Rate Schedule NNS, Transporter

agrees to (1) inject and store such quantities of natural gas as

Shipper may cause to be tendered to Transporter for injection into

storage, less appropriate reductions for fuel and loss, and (2)

withdraw such quantities of natural gas up to Shipper's gas in

storage, all on a no notice basis.


2.5 Service under this Rate Schedule NNS on any day shall not exceed

the MDCQ or the individual MDQ for each receipt or delivery point;

provided, however, that Transporter may, at the request of Shipper

and agreement of Transporter, receive, store, transport and/or

deliver on any day quantities in excess of the MDCQ or MDQs stated

in Shipper's NNS Agreement, to the extent operationally feasible.




3.1 Eligibility for Service: Any entity which meets the credit

standards set out in the General Terms and Conditions of this

Tariff may request service under this Rate Schedule NNS. A

request for service must comply with Section 5 of the General

Terms and Conditions of this Tariff.


3.2 Capacity: Acceptance of a request is contingent on the

availability of uncommitted system transportation and storage

capacity sufficient to provide the requested no notice service to



3.3 Award of Capacity: Transporter may, but is not obligated to,

accept any request for service at less than the applicable maximum

rate. Transporter will apply objective economic analysis in

awarding capacity. If several valid requests for capacity are

pending which exceed the availability of uncommitted capacity,

Transporter shall evaluate such requests based on the net present

value of incremental revenue under the respective requests,