Ngo Transmission, Inc.

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Effective Date: 11/22/2003, Docket: RP04- 67-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 25 Original Sheet No. 25 : Effective








This Rate Schedule is available for the storage of natural gas on an

interruptible basis by NGO Transmission (hereinafter called Transporter)

for any Shipper that completes a valid request for service and executes

an Interruptible Storage Service Agreement ("ISS Agreement") consistent

with this Rate Schedule ISS.




2.1 Interruptible Storage Service rendered under this Rate Schedule

ISS shall be interruptible and consist of:


(a) the acceptance and injection into storage by Transporter of

natural gas flowing on Transporter's system (under a firm or

interruptible transportation service), provided that

nominated injections shall be subject to the availability of

capacity to accomplish the service nominated by Shipper

without impairment of firm service;


(b) the storage of same up to the Maximum Daily Contract

Quantity (MDCQ) specified in Shipper's ISS Agreement,

provided Shipper must be prepared to remove gas from storage

within a reasonable period, as negotiated by parties, but in

no event greater than 45 days after notice from Transporter

to remove such quantities; the 45 day period will be

extended one day for each day on which the Shipper nominates

gas to be withdrawn but Transporter is unable to accept such

nomination; and


(c) the redelivery of same, to the extent that Shipper's

nominated withdrawals may be accomplished without impairment

of firm service, out of storage into Transporter's system

for the further transportation to delivery points on

Transporter's system.


2.2 Gas stored under this Rate Schedule may be sold in place to other

parties having sufficient available storage capacity. If Shipper

wishes to make any such sale, it must obtain confirmation from

Transporter 24 hours prior to the proposed effective date of such

sale that the quantity proposed to be sold is available and shall

notify Transporter in writing that such sale has occurred by the

effective date of the transaction.