Monroe Gas Storage Company, LLC

Original Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 04/21/2010, Docket: RP09-447-007, Status: Effective

Substitute First Revised Sheet No. 309 Substitute First Revised Sheet No. 309

Superseding: Original Sheet No. 309






(c) Customer shall have the right to cause Operator on an interruptible

basis to withdraw and redeliver a thermally equivalent quantity of gas, less

applicable Fuel Reimbursement, to Customer at the Point(s) of Delivery as

specified on Exhibit B attached hereto. Operator’s obligation to withdraw on

an interruptible basis gas from storage on any Day is limited to the Maximum

Daily Withdrawal Quantity (“MDWQ”) specified on Exhibit A attached hereto.


(d) Customer has the option, at its sole discretion, to elect whether to

include as part of this Agreement: (i) the limitation of liability provision

pursuant to Section 7 below; and (ii) the waiver of jury trial provision

pursuant to Section 10 below. If Customer wishes to include either of such

provisions Customer must indicate such election by checking the appropriate

box in Sections 7 or 10 and placing a duly authorized representative’s

initials beside same. Failure to make an election pursuant to Section 7 or

Section 10 shall result in such provision(s) being excluded within the terms

of this Agreement. Customer’s election of either provision pursuant to

Section 7 or Section 10 is not a condition for obtaining service under this

Agreement and Operator’s Tariff and shall not affect any other provision of

this Agreement. All rates, conditions and terms of service provided for in

this Agreement and Operator’s Tariff, as applicable, are available to Customer

regardless of any election made pursuant to Sections 7 and 10 below. In the

event that this Agreement is executed in multiple parts, the original executed

by Customer shall control what service options have been elected.


(e) Customer agrees that Operator shall have the unilateral right to file with

the appropriate regulatory authority to make changes effective in

(i) the terms and conditions of this Service Agreement, pursuant to which

service hereunder is rendered, (ii) any provision of Rate Schedule ISS or

(iii) any provision of the General Terms and Conditions applicable to this

Service Agreement. Operator agrees that the Customer may protest or contest

the aforementioned filings, and the Customer does not waive any rights it may

have with respect to such filings.


Section 2. Receipt and Delivery Points. The point(s) at which the gas is

tendered by Customer to Operator under this contract and the point(s) at which the

gas is tendered by Operator to Customer under this contract shall be at the point(s)

located on Operator’s Facility designated on Exhibit B hereto.