Monroe Gas Storage Company, LLC

Original Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 04/29/2009, Docket: RP09-447-002, Status: Effective

Substitute Original Sheet No. 176 Substitute Original Sheet No. 176

Superseding: Original Sheet No. 176







13.1 Invoice. Operator shall render to Customer (including a Replacement

Customer), on or before the tenth (10th) Day of each Month, an invoice

and any required backup data (which may be transmitted by facsimile)

setting forth (a) the charges due for the current Month; (b) the total

quantity of gas, stated in Dth, received from and delivered to Customer

hereunder during the preceding Month(s), with applicable Point(s) of

Receipt and Point(s) of Delivery properly identified, and the amount due

therefore; and, if applicable, (3) the amount of Customer's gas in

storage as of the close of the preceding Month and information

sufficient to explain and support any adjustments made by Operator in

determining the amount billed. Such invoice shall be submitted, and

shall be considered duly delivered, to Customer by posting Customer's

invoice on Operator's EIM System, or if requested by Customer in

writing, by mailing such invoice to Customer by regular U.S. mail.

During each Month that Customer receives invoices by way of Operator's

EIM System, Operator will provide an e-mail notification, to the e-mail

address designated by Customer, contemporaneously with the posting of

the final invoice on Operator's EIM System. It is Customer's

responsibility to update e-mail address information provided to

Operator, as necessary. Customer may designate such agent to receive

electronic invoices through the EIM System and may designate such agent

to receive the e-mail notifications of the availability of Customer's

final invoice on Operator's EIM System. If actual quantities are not

available by the tenth (10th) Business Day of the Month, Operator may

invoice based on best available data subject to adjustment to actuals at

a later date. Quantities at points where balancing agreements exist

shall be invoiced based on scheduled quantities.


13.2 Application of Payments for Released Capacity. Payments to Operator by a

Replacement Customer for released capacity shall be applied as follows:

(a) Operator shall retain amounts equal to the Replacement Customer's

usage charges; (b) Operator will credit the balance to Reservation

Charges due from the Replacement Customer; and (c) Operator shall remit

the remaining balance, if any, or shall charge any balance due, to the

Replacement Customer in accordance with Section 8.10 of these General

Terms and Conditions. If any balance due from the Replacement Customer

remains unpaid, the outstanding balance will then be billed to the

Releasing Customer, provided that the Releasing Customer is only liable

to the extent of its Reservation Charges.