Monroe Gas Storage Company, LLC

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Effective Date: 04/29/2009, Docket: RP09-447-000, Status: Effective

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11. MEASUREMENT (Continued)


11.4 Reservoir Pressure. Operator and Customer acknowledge that the pressure

that exists in the underground reservoir ("Reservoir Pressure") that

comprises a part of the Facility will vary as a function of the total

volume of gas that resides therein from time to time. The Reservoir

Pressure, in turn, will affect the rates at which volumes of gas can be

injected into or withdrawn from the Facility at any given point in time.

Accordingly, Operator reserves the right at all times to adjust the MDIQ

and/or MDWQ (and, if applicable, the MHIQ and/or MHWQ) specified in the

Service Agreement to reflect varying Reservoir Pressures, which

adjustments ("Contract Quantity Adjustment") may have the effect of

increasing or decreasing from time to time the otherwise applicable MDIQ

and/or MDWQ (and, if applicable, the MHIQ and/or MHWQ); provided however

that (a) no such Contract Quantity Adjustment shall become effective

until the later of (1) three (3) Business Days after the receipt by

Customer of written notice from Operator advising Customer of such

Contract Quantity Adjustment or (2) the date upon which such Contract

Quantity Adjustment is to become effective, as specified by Operator in

such notice and (b) for any given consecutive 12-Month period of the

term of the Service Agreement (or the entire term of the Service

Agreement, if such term is for a period of less than 12 Months), the

aggregate of all Contract Quantity Adjustments occurring during such

12-Month period shall not have the effect of reducing the average MDIQ

and MDWQ (and, if applicable, the MHIQ and MHWQ) in effect during such

12-Month period below the otherwise applicable MDIQ and MDWQ (and, if

applicable, the MHIQ and MHWQ).