Monroe Gas Storage Company, LLC

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Effective Date: 04/29/2009, Docket: RP09-447-000, Status: Effective

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8.14 Operator's Rights to Terminate Temporary Capacity Releases (Continued)


(b) In the event that a Customer has received 30 Days' notice of

termination of the Addendum to Customer's Capacity Release

Umbrella Agreement pursuant to Section 8.14(a) above for storage

service and there is gas in storage for Customer's account at the

end of such 30-Day period, the Addendum shall continue in force

and effect for the sole purpose of withdrawal of said gas by

Customer until Customer's Storage Inventory is zero. Operator

shall require Customer to withdraw each day a quantity equal to

the MDWQ, or such other lesser quantity acceptable to Operator.

The requirement to withdraw storage quantities shall be suspended

on any day to the extent that Operator cannot accommodate a

nomination to withdraw such storage quantities on such day.

Customer may also transfer title of gas remaining in Customer's

Storage Inventory to another Customer pursuant to Section 17 (Gas

Title Transfers) of Operator's General Terms and Conditions. In

the event Customer fails to withdraw its entire Storage Inventory

within the time required by this Section, Operator shall auction

any remaining Storage Inventory and credit the proceeds of such

sale to Customer, net of withdrawal charges and fuel, if

applicable. Customer shall indemnify Operator and hold it harmless

from all costs, damages, and liabilities arising out of the

failure of Customer to remove such Storage Inventory and the

disposal of such Storage Inventory by sale by Operator. When the

gas is purchased at auction, Customer purchasing the gas must

provide identification of the existing storage service agreement

with Operator under which Customer shall store all such gas

purchased. Customer purchasing the gas agrees to pay the

applicable storage rate on the gas purchased beginning on the date

the bid was accepted at auction.