Monroe Gas Storage Company, LLC

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Effective Date: 04/29/2009, Docket: RP09-447-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 148 Original Sheet No. 148







8.1 Notice of Offer (Continued)


(n) for purposes of bidding and awarding, maximum/minimum rates specified

by the Releasing Customer shall include the reservation rate specified

in Exhibit A of Releasing Customer’s Service Agreement with Operator

and all demand surcharges, either as a total number or stated separately;


(o) whether the release is on a permanent or a temporary basis;


(p) an e-mail address for the Releasing Customer contact person. It is

Customer's responsibility to update e-mail address information

provided to Operator as necessary;


(q) the recall notification period(s), as identified in Section

8.13(e) below, that will be available for use by the parties; and


(r) a detailed description of any storage inventory that the Releasing Customer

will transfer with its released storage capacity.


8.2 Intraday Release Quantity


The daily contractual entitlement that can be released by a Releasing

Customer for an intraday release is limited to the lesser of:


(a) the quantity contained in the offer submitted by the Releasing

Customer; or


(b) a quantity equal to 1/24th of the Releasing Customer's MDIQ and

MDWQ for the contract to be released multiplied by the number of

hours between the effective time of the release and the end of the



This allocated daily contractual entitlement shall be used for

purposes of nominations, billing, and if applicable, any overrun



The MSQ that can be released by a Releasing Customer for an intraday

release is limited to a quantity not in excess of the Releasing

Customer's MSQ less the Releasing Customer's Storage Inventory.