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Effective Date: 04/29/2009, Docket: RP09-447-000, Status: Effective

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7.4 Operational Flow Orders (Continued)


(e) Notice (Continued)


Operator shall promptly post periodic updates of such information

upon occurrence of any material change in information, including

when an OFO will be lifted. Operator will also post the factors

that caused the OFO to be issued, then lifted, to the extent such

factors are known.


(f) Unilateral Action. In the event Customer(s) or point operator(s)

does not comply with an OFO or the actions thereunder are

insufficient to correct the system problem, or there is

insufficient time to carry out the OFO procedures, Operator may

take unilateral action, including the curtailment of Firm service,

to maintain the operational integrity of Operator's Facility. For

purposes of this section, the operational integrity of Operator's

Facility shall encompass the integrity of the physical system and

the preservation of physical assets and their performance, the

overall operating performance of the entire physical system as an

entity, and the maintenance (on a reliable and operationally sound

basis) of total system deliverability and the quality of gas to be



(g) Termination of OFO. Operator shall lift any effective OFO promptly

upon the cessation of operating conditions that caused the

relevant system problem. After Operator has lifted the OFO,

Operator shall post a notice on its Web Site specifying the

factors that caused the OFO to be issued and then lifted, to the

extent such factors are known. Operator shall also provide such

notification by way of e-mail communication to those Customers who

have submitted a request, and provided e-mail address information

for at least one contact person, by way of Operator's Web Site to

receive e-mail notification of critical notices issued by