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Effective Date: 04/29/2009, Docket: RP09-447-000, Status: Effective

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6.3 Operator will accept nominations for service as follows:


(a) Next Day Service. The nomination timeline on the day prior to gas

flow shall be the following (Central Clock Time):


11:30 a.m. Nominations leave control of Customer party


11:45 a.m. Receipt of nominations by Operator (including from

Title Transfer Tracking Service Providers ("TTTSP"))


12:00 p.m. Operator sends quick response for validity of data



3:30 p.m. Completed confirmations from upstream and downstream

connected parties provided to Operator


4:30 p.m. Receipt of scheduled quantities by Customer and point

operator (Central Clock Time on the day prior to flow).


The sending party shall adhere to nomination, confirmation, and

scheduling deadlines. It is the party receiving the request who

has the right to waive the deadline.


(b) Elapsed Prorata Quantity Scheduled. With respect to intra-day

nominations for reductions in previously scheduled quantities,

Operator may accept any explicitly confirmed quantity, down to and

including zero, for such intra-day nomination; provided, however,

if such intra-day nomination requires confirmation from an

upstream and/or downstream interconnected pipeline, then any

intra-day nomination to reduce previously scheduled quantities

will be subject to, and limited to, the reduced quantity confirmed

by such upstream and/or downstream interconnected pipeline.


(c) Nominations will be processed for scheduling in the order in which

they were received, by priority level as described in Section 7

(Priority, Interruption of Service and Operational Flow Orders) of

these General Terms and Conditions. Nominations received after the

nomination deadline should be scheduled after the nominations

received before the nomination deadline.